The main autumn cinema events

The main autumn cinema events

Autumn is a great time for connecting with friends and loved ones. What to do on a Saturday night or Sunday morning? Of course, to go the cinema and watch the exciting movie with an interesting plot. And we will tell you about the most anticipated 2016 autumn movies.

The main autumn cinema events

Bad Moms

This American comedy follows the life of a successful young woman (starring the adorable Mila Kunis). The main heroine of the picture lives all-sides perfect life. She has good job, smart kids and great appearance. However, it is very difficult to be the perfect mother and successful everywhere. With the support of two brave friends, she decides to change the situation and finds time to implement her own desires.

Jason Bourne

Brave agent fans are enthusiastically waiting for his return to the screen. The story of the hero of the distant past fits into the overall mosaic “Bourneana”, revealing new secrets and offering answers to unasked questions. The main character will have to face powerful enemies, who want him out of the way. Will he be able to survive in a fight with professional killers, famous politicians and influential businessmen? You’ll know the answer, if view the sequel of the story.

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Charming blonde continues to amaze viewers with the ability to get into ridiculous situations. So, this time she was at the wrong time and in the wrong place. But this time the situation is very serious and even critical. The fact is in that a successful but lonely Bridgette, has no idea, who is the father of her unborn child. Now the heroine Renee Zellweger face a tough choice between the handsome millionaire and successful lawyer.

The main autumn cinema events

The Magnificent Seven

Talking about the most anticipated 2016 autumn movies, it’s impossible not to mention the release of the classic American Western. The brave defenders have to protect the peaceful inhabitants of a small mining town from a powerful villain and to restore the violated justice. Seven brave souls are preparing to repel the thugs and this time they perform feats not only for the money. You will see the everyday life of the Wild West through the eyes of Director Antoine Fuqua, who was not afraid to do a remake of the same movie.


It’s a new animated film for young viewers this autumn. Fascinating story will hold their interest until the very end of the session. What are we talking about in this picture? It turns out that modern storks don’t deliver babies already, and they work as couriers in the large Internet firm. However, a slight confusion will make to work the machine for the creation of children again, and the main character Junior is going to find parents for charming baby.

The main autumn cinema events

Blair Witch

Continuation of the cult 90-es “horror film” does not disappoint fans of the genre. The group of students sent to the cursed forest in search of the sister of one of the main characters. It’s needless to say, that they have to go through terrible events and fight the revived legend of these places.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Tim Burton, as always, chose the unconventional plot for his new film. This time he will tell the audience about the inhabitants of a mysterious island, which possess supernatural powers. The main character Jacob will meet the amazing children and protect them from the forces of evil. What other 2016 autumn films will cause the greatest interest for the public? You will know the answer if you read our selection to the end.


Brave professor Robert Langdon wakes in a small Italian hospital. However, he doesn’t remember what happened to him and fully trusts his doctor Sienna Brooks. This beautiful woman not only cure a person with the sharpest mind in the world, but will help him to guess a Dante riddle. This time the Professor will have to save all the humanity from a deadly virus that the mysterious attackers are trying to spread.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The former head of the police unit returned to Washington to visit his deputy and a beautiful woman Susan Turner. However, once there, he learns that his faithful friend and ally was accused for serious malfeasance, and sent under arrest. Reacher is also in danger, he has to be punished for the murder of a teenager, that occurred 16 years ago. The situation is complicated by the fact that the policeman doesn’t absolutely remember, of what happened in the old days.

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