The main criteria of choosing a camera

The main criteria of choosing a camera

The relevance of selecting the appropriate camera model becomes more significant. New and more perfect equipment always replace the old one. There are no general principals here, but new nuances appear every day, and you can’t just ignore it while choosing.

The main criteria of choosing a camera

Before buying a camera you need to decide the purpose of purchase, because there are no universal models. If one camera is able to sole one problem, the tasks of another is completely different. For example, you needn’t professional DSLR for simple photos of events.

Requirements of one professional are different from those of another one, because usually they work in different genres. Reports are taken with high speed cameras and the ability of working with difficult light conditions. For shooting landscapes you need depth of color and high-definition; the quality of details and colors is essential for portraits.

The value of the model is not less important. Brand products are usually more expensive, and the buyer just pays the extra money for the brand.

Main part of camera is the matrix, which is the most expensive. Best models are those with significant matrix size, but you shouldn’t choose it according to the number of pixels. The matrix depends on the noise levels, which affects its sensitivity.

A couple of words about the lenses. They are usually made of plastic in cheap models. While choosing a lens, you should evaluate its increasing possibility, focus length and aperture. It’s enough to have 4x zoom, and indication “3” is OK for aperture ratio. Most camera lenses have a variable function of the focal length. Amateurs needn’t more than twenty millimeters.

The aperture of the lens is camera’s pupil. The lower it is, the more light can go through it.

Each photo is recorded on the memory card. Its large capacity gives you the ability to store more pictures without restrictions, therefore it’s better to choose a large card with good writing speed.

Viewfinder helps you to see objects or subjects of the photo, and the flash make photos brighter. Today you can buy flash, that fixes the redness of the eyes. If its range is more than five meters, you will be able to make photos with different light conditions. To avoid blurring, there is a built-in stabilizer, the presence of which is desirable.

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