The Moroccan style in interior

The Moroccan style in interior

Originating from the north-west of the African continent, the Moroccan style in interior is surprisingly uncommon and comprehensive. This is understandable, as at different time periods, the culture of Morocco was influenced by a variety of nations – from the Berbers and the Romans up to the French and the Greeks.

The Moroccan style in interior

Distinctive features of interior in the Moroccan style

The Moroccan-styled interior can be described as a complex composition, combining the ethnic influences of Africa with the elegance of the western civilization and the sophistication of the East.

By all means, should such an interior include handmade items, whether it is carpets or carven furniture of fine wood.

Moroccan interior is distinguished by counterpoints. Light shades, which are usually used for the walls, are combined with dark furniture and bright multicolored textile motifs, which provide a room with a distinctive character. It’s nice to stay in there, it’s interesting to study.

A great number of details of textile patterns and other decorative items, which is so typical for the African style as a whole, provides the freedom for designers’ imagination.

The Moroccan style colors

One just cannot call the Moroccan interior motley, on the contrary, the colors are so skillfully combined in it, that one may think that a talented artist had participated in its creation. This style is characterized by the natural colors of the black continent: the shades of a desert, the setting sun, fertile green oases.

Traditional colors of the Moroccan style are as follows:

– terracotta;
– sand;
– orange;
– red;
– moss green;
– white;
– blue;
– wine red;
– dark purple;
– peach;
– gold.

The Moroccan style furniture

In the Moroccan furniture such pieces are common, as poufs, low carven tables with purfling, low sofas and couches, chests, wide beds with plenty of decorative pillows, topped with a curtain of translucent weightless fabrics.

The materials, used for manufacturing this kind of furniture, are mainly natural ones, usually it is wood and metal.

The characteristics of the Moroccan textiles

Textile takes a special place in the Moroccan interior, there is plenty of it here. It’s just impossible to imagine the eastern apartments without skillfully woven carpets, bright pillows with tassels and complex multilayered bed curtains. It’s common for the Moroccan style to use the natural materials: cotton, linen, wool, silk. A variety of handily selected colors and intricate geometric Berber patterns – is the key to the prolonged interest in the Moroccan textiles.

Decorative items

From olden times, the Moroccans have been using crockery as room decorations, which is placed in low cabinets, on the floor and in various wall niches that are traditional for Morocco. Hand painting in the same Eastern traditions complements the unity of the created interior.

Wrought candelabra and lamps, chandeliers decorated with mosaics – is another accent, which cannot be missed in a Moroccan home.

The interior, designed in the Moroccan style, offers relaxation and travel inspiration. It lives its unique life, wraps in a fairytale and gives an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

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