The Most Popular Disneyland Attractions

The Most Popular Disneyland Attractions

Disneyland Park has been thrilling visitors from all over the world ever since it first opened in 1955, but what are the most popular rides today? These four rides tend to have the most visitors (and the longest wait times) of any attraction at the theme park.

The Most Popular Disneyland Attractions

Space Mountain: A steel roller coaster set in the heart of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, this attraction provides guests with an opportunity to blast through space in their own rocket, set to a stellar soundtrack and strobe lighting effects. In September and October, the ride is transformed into Ghost Galaxy, a spooky, yet silly addition added for Halloween time.

 Splash Mountain: For the Summer months, there is nothing more exciting than having a nice cool down during the heat of the day. Set in Disneyland’s Frontierland, this magical log ride comes to the rescue as a guest will explore their way down three steep slopes that crash into a watery destination.

 Haunted Mansion: For a ghostly tour of 999 spooks, this is the place to be in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. Beginning with a foyer that features an unwelcoming “Ghost Host” and stretching walls with comedic portraits of doomed guests. This segues into the actual ride, where a “Doom Buggy” takes the guests through the corridors of the house, with each room and hallway offering a different attraction of ghosts. Between Halloween and Christmas, visitors will see a different rendition based on The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, naming it the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

 Indiana Jones Adventure: Sub-titled the “Temple of the Forbidden Eye”, this ride located in Disneyland’s Adventureland takes guests through a story surroundings the hero of the Indiana Jones series of movies. After a long walk through the jungle and a trip through tunnels of spikes, visitors will watch a video of the backstory of the temple, before being released to take the actual ride aboard a transport vehicle on rails, which takes you through a series of adventures in an attempt to gain something from the Hall of Promise, before returning back to base.

 Each of these popular attractions have a “Fast Pass” option, which garners a visitor a shorter line if they return later with this free option at the entrance gate of each attraction. Disneyland regulars and new visitors enjoy these rides more than any other in this historic theme park.

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