The orange color in the interior

The orange color in the interior

Grey offices, grey days and the Soviet entourage – these echoes, which still flashed in modern apartments, subconsciously forced to look for new solutions in the environment design. European design is breaking new ground in the Russian way of life, and suddenly you are surprised to find that practicality is not just plain unattractive cabinets and countertops from particle board, but also bold and unexpected forms; and also the color can be a powerful visual and psychological tool.

The orange color in the interior

A calm tone is good, even elegant, but what to do, if you want boldness and freshness? The right option is to choose a dominant color scheme of orange! Conservative people believe that such bright colors (green, red, etc.) look ridiculous and they are more suitable for children’s rooms or entertainment facilities. They do it in vain! Orange carries the sun, combining the directness and power of red with the yellow activity. Remember summer sunset – it gives so many beautiful shades to our eyes, ranging from peach to amber. And all this is orange color.

The selected palette, set as desired, creates a certain illusion in the space in the hands of a skilled designer. By so, small spaces are designed with light, to visually expand and to increase the window – frames are painted the same color as the walls. Orange has several aspects of the application in such a rational plan. It is a dominant in the palette, refers to color accents, which first attract everybody’s attention, for example, the pillow on the armchair, the wall frame, a small lamp or ceiling lamp. This color is never cold, and it creates a subtle effect of increasing items.

Shade must be chosen with care, taking into account not only the other interior details, but the purpose of the room and the amount of sunlight in it. The more it is, the brighter shades you can choose. aggressive orange can “crush” you mentally in a poorly lit room. Do not make it dominant because of this property, otherwise the atmosphere can quickly make you get bored. The choice depends on the style of the interior. A classic trend is to choose a muted pumpkin, sweet peach or another light hue mixed with brown. In ethnic style, like the Oriental, it may be the combination of orange with shades of precious metals or bright turquoise.

Modern styles give great liberties in dealing with palette – often, this interior creates a feeling of a small explosion, because of the huge number of colors and their geometric separation. But the orange gets on very well with multiple dominant colors, such as blue and yellow, in experienced hands. Simple, modern interiors widely use the common combination of orange color with black and white.

Where can you use the orange color in the house? It may the kitchen, thanks to its ability to arouse the appetite, the working cabinet, because of the ability to improve creative thinking and, of course, living room, where it just cheers up guests and visitors of the household. If you want to bring a little sun to the interior, decide what you want the in the end and go for it!

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