The perfect combination of colors in clothes

The perfect combination of colors in clothes

The perfect wardrobe is every girl’s dream. How to make the phrase ‘I have nothing to wear?’ excluded from the life? First of all, you need to learn how to combine different colors with each other. Consider the simplest combinations to create interesting images.

The perfect combination of colors in clothes


The choice of red dresses positions man as confident. Be prepared to draw the attention of others, if today you are the lady in red. If we talk about the classic combination, the perfect match for this color will be black. In this case it is best that the colors were presented by entire blocks of color. For example, red coat will be a great addition for the black dress.


This year, pastel shades are incredibly popular. This can be seen in the spring collections 2016. The combination of rose quartz and pale lavender will create a gentle image and will allow being in the trend.


Of course, the white color may be combined with any other color, it is universal. But the most interesting compositions are with black, red and blue colors. Those who are in search of casual style, it is recommended to pay attention to the ensembles of white with brown shades in all their manifestations. Such a combination is a great option for business lady.


Very long period it was truly unacceptable to combine different shades of denim, but now fashion trends have changed. In all fashion-photo you can regularly meet various combinations. One of the best examples is the combination of a light shirt and dark jeans.

Marine theme

Using of sailor suit in fashionable images began in the first half of the last century. And today, a dark blue strip is a tool of stylish image. Marine theme involves a combination of blue, white, black and red colors. Modern designers advise to add gold jewelry as accessories.


The ideal complement for mustard is various shades of brown: from dark chocolate to yellow. Classic images imply the use of black and white things as a base of image. As spring combination it is recommended to supplement mustard color with pale pink.


Insanely beautiful shade from the category of wine can be easily supplemented with a variety of colors. In addition to the basic colors we recommend to try beige, coffee and milk color.


As we have already written, delicate and feminine image is a trend of spring 2016. What another color except pink is the embodiment of spring girl? To this shade you can add white, beige or brown color. Pink coat is what every fashionista needs to buy very soon. The beige or white boots are the best addition for the image!


Gray is the ideal base for an office style. In order it would not look dull, it is better to complement it with a different color, such as green in all its forms: from olive to mint.


Blue shades are aristocratic choice. The most successful combination is white and brown. The combination of the latter will create the noble image!

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