The red color in the interior

The red color in the interior

Red is very bright, lively and exciting color, which can not but strike the eye. For every person, it acts differently, someone becomes exciting and someone may even get light depression. This color is not recommended to hypertensives; it increases the pressure even more.

The red color in the interior

This color is associated with something hot, loud, sexy and even passionate. It should not be much, otherwise it will be a surplus and the effect will be completely different, not the same as you would like. If that color is not a surplus, it will be pleasing to the eye and charge you with positive energy.

It is important to pay attention to…

Such a bright color can be combined with different colors and shades, such as white. Very strong and effective combination, it will create a luxurious image of interior. Also with a black, gray or gold it will get an excellent duo. The interior will look simply divine. If dark red or almost burgundy is mixed with white colors, you’ll get a very challenging layout. But if you add more snow-white, then get exactly what you need.

If we talk about the living room, then a red color should not be too intense. It will be enough if it is diluted with a yellow-brown, yellow-green as well as blue-green; these colors will bring peace and tranquility.

Note that if the entire interior is in red color it will be too challenging. Most likely, the color will not be pleasing to the eye, and give energy, but on the contrary, oppress, maybe even annoying. The best option is to use the red color as an accent, and the interior is best done in pastel or neutral colors. Take, for example, the kitchen or the living room where you can just make an additional decoration in red. This color is not suitable for the children’s room at all; it can be applied to the place where the child plays, and a place where he sleeps needs gentle and soothing colors.

Good options of combinations

In the bathroom red beautifully combines with white. And in the kitchen it will give courage to all the inhabitants of the house in the morning. There may be red to spare, it will be quite appropriate, and will discharge the situation, and even increase your appetite.

Red color is suitable for both men and women. And for every room except the children’s room. Bright color will give courage every day, it has a stimulating effect, but the most important thing – be sure not to overdo. Otherwise, if the color is eye-catching, it will provoke aggression and to some extent even cruelty.

Red and white are usually inseparable. They give a good atmosphere, soft and light image to the room. This combination is suitable in any of the rooms, but the most appropriate option is a bathroom. In this combination everything is like it should be. It will touch, and even in some degree will solace. Black dilutes the impact of red and white and perfectly fits into the design. This combination may look great in the bedroom or in the living room. Black will give some peace of mind, and the red will shine with its saturation.

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