The right wedding makeup

The right wedding makeup

A wedding – is day, that is remembered for a lifetime. Some couples spend several months on the preparation of wedding, carefully selecting a restaurant, organizing a tuple, mapping out the route of the walk. The wedding entourage, of course, is one of the most important components. A dress, which each girl was dreaming about since childhood, gorgeous rings that the couple will wear for the rest of life, eye-catching hair style that can brighten the delicate maiden head, wedding makeup, which will make the bride a real queen.

The right wedding makeup

All girls know, that a good makeup is a half of success of any event. If it’s done correctly, it focuses attention on the winning facial features, delicately hiding that is not quite liked. This is especially important if we are talking about such event as a wedding. Of course, the wedding – is a romantic and sentimental triumph, when not only nervous mom or rejoicing friend but the bride herself.

That’s why, wedding makeup should be chosen wisely, with water-resistant remedy to be sure that spread ink or smeared lipstick won’t spoil the appearance and wedding photos.

So the basis of every makeup is a tone. Wedding dresses can be with neckline, so be sure that you apply the tone on the neck and décolleté too. Of course, choose a tone that’s not too different from the natural tone, in order not to create a feeling of unnaturalness. Wedding celebrations often last the entire day, so the bride can carry a powder and a puff with her, to refresh the makeup from time to time.

Eyes makeup is a very important point. Don’t do experiments in your wedding day, and just choose the familiar color shadows. If you want to use a unusual colors, try them on face, to ensure their harmony.

And, finally, a lipstick. In order to give your lips a long-time color, use the traditional method: applying on layer on the lips, blot it with a napkin and lightly powder it and then again apply lipstick. Guests can indefinitely shout “Bitterly!”, but lipstick will remain on the lips.

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