The secrets of natural makeup

The secrets of natural makeup

Applying makeup – it’s such a tricky action, which can both decorate and disfigure you. Every woman should know the basic skills of bringing herself into order. With incorrect using of some techniques you can get a real “war paint”. Proper selection of decorative cosmetics, knowing the basics of makeup will give you the opportunity to look attractive and with dignity at all situations.

The secrets of natural makeup

The three rules of natural makeup

Today, natural is a trend. Its main features are stealth and urgency. Let’s note three main stages in the technique of nude makeup (in other words, it’s called “makeup without makeup”).

• The first step. First you need to thoroughly clean the face with a cleansing gel and then to wipe with a tonic. Of course, you shouldn’t do you it every day – it’s enough one-two times a week.
• The second step. You should apply your favorite face cream and the foundation for your makeup (it can be dry or liquid foundation composition). Important: it should be in the same tone or even one shade lighter than your skin.
• The third step. Apply the powder (that’s two-three tones darker than your color of your skin) using a large cosmetic brush to the area under the cheekbones, on the temples, chin, nose and hairline.

If you washed and went to the street with your natural beauty, it doesn’t mean, you have a nude-makeup. Therefore, decorative makeup is necessary. Here four areas, you must make accent on:

• Cheeks. Blusher should be matte, pastel colors. They are superimposed on your cheeks with large cosmetic brush. It should be applied carefully, without abrupt transitions.
• Eyebrows. Natural form is preferable in this season. Important: they should be straight at the bottom line, in this case, they will look well groomed. The color is slightly emphasized with brown or grey pencil.
• Eyes. They shouldn’t draw attention themselves. Eyeshades should be calm, pastel tones. It’s preferable to take the contour and mascara of brown color.
• Lips. Matte lipstick of the same tone, or one tone darker is the best choice. You can use a transparent gloss.

Using these recommendations, you can give your face an aristocratic pallor and charm. Natural makeup is versatile and has gained much popularity in 2016. It can be used to work, evening party or walking with family

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