The style “modern” in the interior

The style “modern” in the interior

Comfort is very important at home for every person, therefore choosing a style of interior design, you need to pay attention to every detail. There are many modern styles, characterized by their originality and uniqueness. They can be used to create high-tech, practical and functional design. But, in spite of this, some styles, that’ve already become classical are quite popular. For example, style “modern” is one of them.

The style “modern” in the interior

It was founded in the last years of 19th century. There were a lot discoveries and innovations in the field of science, art and technology in that period. Of course, they were used and displayed in interior design. There were new shapes, flowing curved lines, and, most importantly, asymmetry. In addition, the presence of natural and plants motifs is characterized for the style modern. The main idea is in constant development, that is inherited from all living beings.

The main features of the style

Modern design involves the space and freedom in the premises, the use of traditional elements of the interior. Modern appliances fit perfectly into the style, because it’s the reflection of the level of development of science.

In general, modernity is characterized by the presence of such features:

• Using a variety of different material for finishing the ceiling. In addition, it might be refined and unusual. In most cases, the effect is achieved be using a thing wooden beams of curved shape with carvings, moldings, stained glass windows and modern moldings;

• Using the art masonry for designing the floors. The best materials are ceramic tiles, stone or parquet boards;

• Any design for walls. It’s important to use gentle, curved lines and floral ornament. Sometimes it’s also used images of birds, butterflies, dolphins and other animals. You can use plaster, stone, iron or wood in the design of walls. But besides this, wallpapers, relevant to the general concept of style, can also be used;

• Colors that are characteristic for modern style are also natural, because all of them can be found in nature. The most popular colors are beige, olive, brown, white, burgundy, yellow, orange, grey, blue and green. Sometimes designers combine multiple contrasting shades;

• Special attention should be paid to windows, because stained glass is quite popular in modern design. There can be the stems of the flowers, unusual animal or just smooth shapes and lines on it;

• Furniture, used for interior design should be modern, functional but, most importantly – beautiful. The most popular materials are leather, expensive textiles, bead embroidery. Without speaking about common material, such as wood, metal or glass. Furniture is characterized by sophisticated curved legs, carvings or wrought-iron elements;

• Décor should be bright and harmonious. You can use figurines of porcelain, multicolored stylish vases, framed mirrors with carvings and large paintings. Textile is mostly expensive and textured.
Modern combines innovations and classics, creativity and sophistication. It will be a real boon for people who want to create a functional and comfortable interior.

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