The top of fashion of the bras off

The top of fashion of the bras off

In late spring 2016 American high school student Kaitlyn Juvik came on training in a blouse without a bra, for which he received condemnation from the academic staff. The director of the institution described the appearance of the girls like the vulgar, in fact, she was complained about by a male teacher. This incident caused a strong resonance among university students and the next day more than 300 students visited the restaurant without a bra. Confrontation spread on social networks, on her Facebook page Juvik said that she had made the decision to refuse to wear the bra long time ago and the norms of public morality were not infringed. She claims that wearing a bra is separate selection of each of the fair sex, and if society affects this choice, it makes the female body public property.


Kaitlyn’s loud statement in which she called herself ‘a warrior without a bra’, attracted many thousands army of subscribers. Instagram started to replenish with the hundreds of photographs in which the girls are happy to demonstrate the advantages of giving up bra.

The problem is gaining global scale; the US and European women are wondering if wearing a bra is really a prerequisite for the free existence in modern society, without succumbing to the condemnation and criticism, especially in the business environment. Why it has become fashionable to walk without a bra? Let’s make it clear together!

Roots of the problem

From the first day of its patented existence, the subject of intimate women’s wardrobe has been perceived ambiguously. Some saw it as beneficial getting rid of the ‘fetters’ of the corset, the other regarded as a symbol of the oppression of the female body. The bra has become a kind of indicator of public sentiment.

In her provocative book ‘History of the breast’ Marilyn Yalom describes two fundamentally opposing relation to a woman’s breast for a long time: sexy and sublime when breast milk was considered as sacred.

The researcher believes that the ability to feed and initiate are in constant competition, determining the fate of women. That is why the movement for women’s rights coincided with protests against wearing a bra, fashion to walk without a bra is gaining momentum.

Physiological and social necessity of wearing the bra

Why is the bra needed? Women choose it for convenience – the garment protects the breasts from damage, maintains, retains its shape, when walking it is not swayed, allows you to make active movements (in the sport) gives a seductive shape. However, recent studies have shown that the item of women’s intimate wardrobe which became the subject of an objective necessity carries a risk to women’s health. What to choose, wear a bra, or to abandon it?

Recent statistical calculations showed more than 90% of women wear the bra. Some thus want to protect the breast, the others to provide maximum comfort of movement, and some to follow the unwritten cultural norms, such as in large commercial organizations, banking institutions, control units, etc. Bra is a mandatory attribute of the female wardrobe; its wearing is fixed in the dress code.

Many believe, that the absence of bra is simply indecent. In fact, the morality of women is not associated with the presence or absence of a bra under her clothes.

Although for some girls the answer to the question why it is possible to go without a bra is really dictated by the desire to attract the attention of men. ‘Appropriateness’ of the image is determined by the purposes and needs of the fair sex. You can dress elegantly and carefully even to the office without using a bra.


In turn, the bras manufacturers claim that wearing of the underwear protects the breast against the negative action of the environment, prevents deformation and stretching of tissues. If we consider this statement from a physiological point of view, it can be challenged. Breast of small size cannot droop priori, however, after the birth of the child and his long-term feeding breast loses its elasticity and firmness. The reason for the deterioration of the physical condition of the chest is in reducing of the female sex hormones, but not in a bra.

In the 21st century, wearing a bra is as natural as wearing winter outerwear. However, mammologists agree that it defective meets the needs of the female bust. To substantiate their allegations, experts have given some evidence of questionable utility of the bras. Systematic wearing of a bra that does not fit the shape or size brings a lot of back problems and general bodily discomfort. If, during the garment wearing girl feels tightness, and after its taking off notices red marks on the body – the problem is obvious. The least that can be done in this situation is to choose the right model of bra and limit the time of its wearing, for example, to take it off at night and eliminate the use when being at home.

The debate about the appropriateness of the bra wearing does not cease. A number of studies conducted by scientists allowed to give a definite answer – wearing of this lingerie object leads to pain in the shoulders, neck and hands.

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