The use of green tea in cosmetics

The use of green tea in cosmetics

People knew about the beneficial properties of green tea since ancient times. However, Western scholars have started to be interested in the study of its effects on the human body relatively recent. Tea is not only a tasty tonic but also a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. The green tea found its use in cosmetics.


It is produced from the tea bush leaves with the steam processing method. This allows the main ingredients of most cosmetics to preserve not only the natural color but also a full range of useful components.

Green tea can prevent the appearance of free radicals in the human body, protect the skin from the sunlight. Recent studies have shown that the main component of the favorite drink of the millions protects against cancer. Scientists at American University found in its composition a substance that blocks an enzyme without which the reproduction of cancer cells is not possible. Tea is an excellent prevention of psoriasis, and most skin problems.

The Chinese believe that green leaves do not just fill the human with vitality and energy, but also contribute to mental calm.

The composition and useful properties

Green tea is a record for the content of powerful antioxidants and bio-stimulants. Useful components with maximum concentration:

– Tannins;
– Vital amino acids;
– Vitamins A, B, C, E, F;
– Enzymes;
– Macro-and micronutrients;
– Essential oils.

According to the content of vitamin A, the product essentially bypasses the carrots and vitamin P level in it is twice bigger than in citrus. Such a rich composition could not be ignored by cosmetic companies.

Qualitative antiseptic and antibacterial properties of tea are proven in practice. It promotes rapid healing of wounds and other skin lesions, normalizes metabolic processes, evens tone, tightens pores, cleans deeply. Green tea is the best in problems of redness and irritation of the skin, getting rid of greasy. Strengthening blood vessel walls, the component has a beneficial effect on the structure of the skin, smoothes softens, helps fight cellulite. Penetrating into the deep dermis, it stimulates collagen synthesis.

The use of this plant in shampoos and conditioners for hair prevents flaking of the scalp, caused by drying, and is an excellent prevention of dandruff, and also provides nutrients to saturate hair from root to tip.

Regardless of skin type, age and degree of sensitivity, the miraculous properties of green tea will help to minimize the symptoms of problems and greatly improve its condition.
In the eastern and southern countries where tea from the green leaf is decided to use at least once a day, the number of cancer patients is three times less than in the West despite the fact that the first spend more time in direct sunlight. This phenomenon cannot be ignored by cosmetic companies. Green tea is found in the various means of beauty more and more often.

Its ability to effectively reduce inflammation and minimize the symptoms of irritation is the basis of antibacterial creams, tonics, etc. And allergy doctors recommend their patients to choose the only line of ‘tea cosmetics’ for face and body care.

The only thing that repelled representatives of the beauty industry to use this component everywhere was rich green color, which painted creams, gels, and other goods, thus discouraging buyers.

However, times change, and today few people pay attention to the color of the cosmetic product, the main thing is its action. And only a few products will be able to compete with green tea in this matter. Improvement of the face color, smoothing the wrinkles, giving the skin elasticity and other properties make the product indispensable component of anti-aging lines.

Green tea tree leaf is often added to the means for morning face care such as lotion / gel cleanser, tonic or cream. Morning toilet under the aegis of quality green tea cleans narrows pores, gives skin tarnish and natural pink hue, and sallow face color, which is a faithful companion of oily skin, will remain only an unpleasant memory.

In an effort to prolong youth and beauty of the skin, cosmetic products with green components act at the cellular level:

– Activate metabolic processes in the cell;
– Protect against the adverse effects of the sun’s rays;
– Align the tone of the face.

Lots of day cream smooth fine wrinkles, soften over-dried skin, vitaminize, create a protection cover against adverse external factors.

Lots of night creams are the guarantee of maximum relaxation, hydration, elimination of the symptoms of inflammation and allergic reactions on the skin.

High caffeine content causes its use in cosmetics for skin care around the eyes. It deeply nourishes, and normalizes metabolism, minimizing the likelihood of stagnation, helps to quickly get rid of ‘bags’ and circles under the eyes.

Concentrated masks of green tea are a real salvation for sagging and faded skin.

Especially popular are the balls (bombs) for the bath and Jacuzzi, as well as products for the face and body with peeling effect based on tea tree oil. It is extracted in the provinces of Southern China. Fluid odorless consistency is similar to lubricant secreted by human sebaceous glands, so even people with severe allergies carry it safely. Cosmetics based on tea tree oil make the skin incredibly soft and smooth.

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