The wenge color in the interior

The wenge color in the interior

Wenge color owes its name to a tree growing in Africa. It is a beautiful, durable and solid material which furniture and home furnishings are made of. However, they are quite expensive. Modern manufacturers of furniture and decoration materials took the color of the tree and its texture as a base and produce furniture and decor items reminding the products of this African tree.

The wenge color in the interior

Wenge color is brown, with the texture of real wood, but there are several shades: from chocolate to brown-burgundy. Interior decorations, made in wenge color, look solid and expensive, which is why this color is so popular in interior design.

In which rooms is wenge color used in the interior?

In wenge color the most different furniture and objects of decoration and finishing are made: laminate flooring, wall panels, tile and granite, doors. Therefore, wenge is used in any room in the house, apartment or office:

– Design of the kitchen in wenge gives it solidity, but it is better to combine the furniture in this color with hints of milk, beige and white; this contrast will give lightness and add the air;
– Interior of living room in shades of wenge makes it cozy and atmospheric; wenge can be used to create ethnic style, adding the dark furniture or floors with animal skins, paintings and accessories in an appropriate style;

– Wenge is perfect for bedrooms; it will make it darker, an intimate and relaxing, but there should be inclusion of other colors, including light.

What combine shades of wenge in the interior with?

This noble color requires contrast. A classic and very successful is a combination of wenge with milk or light beige – bright accents give the interior a lightness and freshness. Without light accents cannot do in the case if not only the furniture is selected in wenge color, but also the walls. To the furniture would not lose on the background of a dark wall, it is necessary to supplement it with light accentual ‘spots’.

Orange and pistachio shades, as well as red and green will give energy and brightness to the interior in wenge color. But it is necessary to choose those colors in warm tones. However, you can add cool shades too, but then all the emphasis must be met in this shades – it can be gray or lilac color. Wenge color is excellent combined with other natural shades: sand, marsh, grass-green and ocher. You can add these colors and floral motifs in the interior, to get a comfortable space.

Wenge is the color of the tree, so it is not recommended to combine it with other woody shades. More light or dark wood color will not let the wenge open up and show its elegance.

If you are afraid to use in the interior such deep and dark colors like wenge, you can apply it only in finishing, for example, in color or laminate or parquet and doors. Against the background of such a dark floor and accent doors you can think of any interior, but the dark parts will give it rigor and elegance.

Today wenge color in interior design is extremely popular. This may be due to the fact that the color of wenge is a natural, warm and very lively, and allows you to build around yourself a perfect interior for a comfortable and quiet life.

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