Tiffany style wedding

Tiffany style wedding

Tiffany style wedding is probably the most popular with the newlyweds after the classic marriage registration, followed by a trivial banquet in a pre-rented hall of a local cafe or restaurant. The idea itself has become popular for quite a while, but after the creators of the cult youth series “Gossip Girl” had showed a bridal shower of the main heroine, designed in Tiffany style, demand for such weddings has skyrocketed.

Tiffany style wedding

Yet, despite this theme is a bit “threadbare” in general, the idea of such a wedding is quite attractive and adequately original, if compared to the usual ceremony. When organizing a wedding in Tiffany style, you should keep the main components in mind.

Preparing for Tiffany style wedding

Of course, the color is in the first place. The famous patented blue shade was called “Tiffany Blue”. If you want a wedding in Tiffany style, it will be perfect if you stick to this shade of blue when choosing a color range of the wedding ceremony. It’s appropriate to use this color both for decorating a banquet hall and for garments of the groom, the bride, bridesmaids, guests, as well as in car decorations and invitations. To cut a long story short, there is a vast number of options.

Textiles in Tiffany style

Multilayer tablecloths on the tables, pretentious or, on the contrary, ascetically simple chair covers, complicated hangings, decorating the groom and the bride’s place … Textiles provide even the most sophisticated imagination with the opportunity to run riot. When choosing textiles for the ceremony, you should prefer not just the monotonous models in “Tiffany Blue” shade, but select the ones, containing any other color. Don’t be afraid to dilute the basic color, this will just showcase your refined taste.

Invitations to Tiffany wedding

No self-respecting wedding ceremony can be considered complete without nice-looking invitations, delicate guest cards and elegant menus. Designed in the classic “Tiffany” shade and decorated with a white ribbon, they will delight your eye during the whole wedding and the guests will surely remember then for long. By the way, when organizing Tiffany style wedding by yourself, use “Tiffany Blue” color. This will make your life significantly easier, when you design invitations and other printed materials on your own.

Treats for a wedding in Tiffany style

A wedding cake, designed in the shape of “Tiffany” boxes of various sizes arranged one upon another (or as one big box) – this has already become a classic of the genre.

Of course, it’s advisable to combine “Tiffany Blue” with classic white and black colors. A combination of this shade of blue with dark chocolate hues and scarlet tones can be interesting as well. And together with golden and silver shades it always looks a win-win.

The only problem: it’s often extremely difficult to find ribbons, fabric, paint and other necessary decorative accessories in pure “Tiffany Blue” shade. But for a good company, professionally engaged in wedding decoration, there is no such word as “impossible”. Therefore, Tiffany style wedding – is that very case, when it’s better to turn to professionals. When choosing a designing company, it’s a good idea to see the photos of their work in similar style on other weddings: despite the screen distortion, the majority of images show the actual shade of blue. This will protect you from dishonest organizers, and on the most important day of your life you will be sure to get an elegant and refined ceremony, instead of a pathetic acid-blue parody of a popular trend.

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