Tips for the girls

Tips for the girls

The young of the fair sex are proud of their natural beauty. Although they have problems: acne, black spots, unruly curls … And the guys do not pay attention to them. Female image is made up of small things, not the least is the care of the body and face. To cope with all this and catch admiring glances, we offer helpful tips for girls who dream to look beautiful and attractive.

Tips for the girls

Skin of different types: care recommendations

The exact definition of the skin type is the key to a correct attitude to it. There are several varieties of the outer body cover:

• Oily
• Dry
• Normal
• Combined

There is another subtype – sensitive. It can relate to all the selected types.

There are plenty of means for determining:

• The test strips
• Parchment
• Paper napkin

And the process is simple. If we take the normal paper napkin, it is simple enough to apply to the face and press firmly. And then consider the result:

• Traces over the entire surface are the mark of the oily type.
• Grease stains on the forehead, chin and nose – the mixed type.
• Fuzzy trace – normal skin.
• Lack of prints – dry type.
Please note: the determination of the type is the best done in the morning immediately after the waking.

Sensitive skin with frequent redness, peeling, itching requires special care. Tips for women with such a type of the outer cover are to use soft gels or cosmetic cream for cleaning. But the scrubs should be completely abandoned. After washing you should apply a soothing cream. Lotions from chamomile broth are also useful.

Normal skin is elastic and firm. Caring for it in comparison with the rest types is the easiest. And even if you forget to do it regularly, nothing terrible will happen. People with normal skin type get older more slowly and even in adulthood, can boast of its beautiful state. Still, keep an eye on it, even at all the pros, and a set of measures is as follows:

Tips for the girls

• Cleansing washing should be done with suitable means
• Decontamination with the tonic
• Moisturizing with the cream

Oily skin is simply trouble. Coarse, thick, with a constant greasy shine … How many inconveniences it brings the girls! What to advise in this case? First of all, it is the use of special means, which are on the shelves of modern cosmetic departments in a great amount.

There are a few more tips for women with oily skin:

• Eliminate the use of soap. It dries the skin.
• Less use the gel for the body wash. In addition to dry, it will cause acne formation.
• Prefer exfoliating scrub. Use them no more than 2 times a week. They prevent the accumulation of dead cells.

Combined skin type mixes oily and dry areas and is very common. There are certain rules for the care for this type. Dry place – the area of the cheeks and eyes does not require special care, which cannot be said about oily areas. For the latter you’ll need only special products processing.

Dry skin with age takes a lot of inconvenience in the form of early wrinkles appeared. Good habits can smooth out and minimize this flaw:

• Use a moisturizer every day. Do not forget about the hypoallergenic ingredients.
• Change the hot washing for the warm, which will eliminate the possible irritation.
• Carefully watch this type in the winter.

Do not forget about makeup

To do the eyes and lashes makeup is simple while to make it match the type of the face is much more difficult. To perform makeup you’ll need a plenty of cosmetics:

• Tonal basis
• Blush
• Shadows
• Pencils for eyes and eyebrows
• Mascara
• Lipstick and lip gloss

Do not forget about makeup

Selection of tonal basis, as well as all other products, depends on the skin type. Basis for the makeup has a different texture:

• Liquid
• Creamy
• Cream powder
• Powder

Liquid foundation is made taking into account the skin type. This is what you need to be guided to the face would not look like a mask.

Dry skin dictates a foundation with fat binders. You can opt for a compact or cream powder. But representatives of dry skin type should avoid the loose powder.

For those who have excess fat on the face, it is better to do makeup using a mineral powder, it perfectly absorbs them. This kind of tonal basis well conceals the dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.

And inflammatory skin requires gentle care. Choose a foundation, in which the composition has salicylic acid, it will perfectly dry all the rash.

As for the combined skin type, the liquid base should be abandoned, and apply simple and convenient means:

• Cream powder
• Compact or loose powder
In addition to simple use, they also have another advantage: they refresh and moisturize the skin.

Sensitive skin, prone to frequent irritation, will look good in the case if you use moisturizing creams. They are able to nourish it with the sufficient amount of moisture. If, however, you give preference to mineral powder, remember that during all the time you need to moisturize the skin with additional means:

• Tonic
• Mineral water

With a normal skin type you will have no problems. For makeup, you can use any tonal basis, what your heart desires.

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