Top 5 attractions in Thailand

Top 5 attractions in Thailand

Thailand is a mystical place that has a unique effect on any tourist. In this country, you can get acquainted with the rich history and culture, friendly locals, natural and man-made attractions. To feel the spirit of this region better, we offer you the most famous attractions of Thailand.

Top 5 attractions in Thailand

Grand Palace in Bangkok

Bangkok is one big and colorful attraction of Asia and the Royal Palace is a cultural, religious and historical place all over the city. Therefore visiting Bangkok, you should not ignore this place. The Palace is a vast complex of large and small palaces, temples and other buildings of traditional Asian culture. The whole area is divided into open and closed; tourists are banned from visiting the royal residence and offices. But Royal Library, the magnificent throne room, churches, themed museums and exhibitions, chedi and green flowering gardens are open for everybody. When buying tickets, do not dispose of a brochure, as there are details of all the buildings of the Palace complex on it.

Kayan Lahwi Tribe

Another famous attraction of Thailand is not a palace, a temple or a park, but the people, or rather the tribe Kayan Lahwi, which means ‘mountain tribe of long-necked’. Do not miss the chance to visit this wonderful settlement, try the local cuisine, to look at the life of the inhabitants of the tribe. Residents of villages are known throughout the world, thanks to an ancient tradition, when women from an early age wear neck rings of copper, up by one every year. Because of this unusual ‘decoration’ neck stretches with age. Therefore, the women of the tribe have the necks two times longer than the average person. It looks exotic and a little scary.

Phi Phi Islands

An archipelago, with a bit of funny name Phi Phi, can be called a pearl of Thailand. The archipelago is located in 50 kilometers from Phuket, it consists of 6 islands, surrounded by a unique coral reefs. Phi Phi attracts beach lovers with transparent, turquoise waters and clean beaches. The avid divers will like the archipelago, its water are famous for an abundance of marine life: multicolored corals, stingrays, moray eels, exotic fish and even sharks. Sea depths of Phi Phi will open to you the secrets of sunken ships, grottos and underwater caves; the most famous of them is Vikings’ cave which resembles Viking ship with its shape. So do not miss the opportunity to go kayaking and canoeing, climbing over rocks and steep tops, or try your hand at deep sea fishing.

Wat Arun

The temple got its name in honor of the God of the Dawn. The building can be seen from afar because of the almost 80-meter pagoda decorated with porcelain plates. With the first rays of the sun the temple seems to shine, it shines and shimmers with many colors. It’s just a fantastic spectacle! At the top of the temple is an observation deck, a steep narrow staircase leads to it. The deck offers a unique panorama. Inside the temple you can see the figures of unknown creatures, ancient murals, Buddhist statues, god Indra, who sits majestically on the three-headed elephant and the god of the Moon on a white horse.

Bangkok Floating Market

Floating market in Bangkok is not only the center of Asian trade, but also place with large concentrations of tourists. There small tours on boats or canoes have been holding here for a long time. Therefore sit comfortably and dive into the world of exotic products, tropical fruits, shops with traditional clothes, traditional dishes which prepared right on the water.
So, we’ve told you about Top 5 of the most famous attractions of Thailand, which will open the world of Asian culture for you.

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