Top-5 must unusual national traditions in the world

Top-5 must unusual national traditions in the world

Before heading to the journey, lovers of exotic and adrenaline should see the traditions of country, they are going to visit. Sometimes a careless gesture or word, which comes from a foreigner, could cost him his life.

Top 5 must unusual national traditions in the world

For example, if a European, while visiting Umba Yumba tribe, accidently touch the lobe of his ear – it’s all; he will be eaten for lunch, because this gesture means the “voluntary offer to be a main dish”. It was a fictional example with a bit of humor, but every joke has some truth. We won’t scare beginners, who have already bought a ticket to one of the exotic countries of the world and calm them by slogan – “the one, who owns the information – will conquer the world!”

Spain is starting our top. Its habitants are famous for their temperament and volubility. But there are some taboo topics, which you shouldn’t speak about with Spaniards. They are money, age and accidents. The rest is Carte Blanche. And, finally, never forget about the Spanish SIESTA – the time of silence and oblivion, when all shops are closed from one till five o’clock. And the tourist has nothing left to do, just to go for a nap.

The next country with unusual traditions – is a Thailand, beloved and frequently visited by Europeans, who sometimes don’t bother themselves to learn traditions of such exotic country. In contrast to Spain, restraint and calm with a peaceful smile are in a high esteem in Thailand. Foreigners don’t need to worry about anything with such behavior, unless he doesn’t insult the ancient traditions of this country by his actions. You need to be careful with any involuntary nod of feet, always remember about shoes, that should be removed while entering the room, especially the temple. Be respectful to any image of Lord Buddha and remember that the head is a sacred for Thais, and any touch to the head of another man is a vary abusive action, that can cause a lot of troubles.

There are a lot of unusual traditions in India, that are worth to be known. Besides well-known, quite descent greeting “Namaste” – folding hand at chest level, you need to remember that action of shaking hands of man and woman may be considered as an indecent. And there isn’t more insulting gesture in India than waving hand. Remember how to greet people in this beautiful exotic country!

In this top of popular national traditions, we should mention Tibet, where the traditional greeting is showing each other tongue. This tradition is quite unusual and break all European foundations. Sometimes foreigners are happy to play this “game” with the locals, but you should keep your tongue from being colored black, because the whole game will end not so fun for the tourist.

New Zealand’s locals – Maori are closing our top. The tradition is that the greeting must be occurred in contacting nose to nose and without any other options. It’s called “hongyi” and comes from the religious views of this good-natured and hospitable people. Therefore, traveling to New Zealand, bring your nose up.

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