TOP-5 Signs of Female Sexual Attractiveness

TOP-5 Signs of Female Sexual Attractiveness

This is the situation that is well known to many: a woman having parameters that are far from the ideal attracts many men, but her friend, a model, suffers from loneliness and men lose their interest in her after the first date. The secret of men’s choice lies in female sexual attractiveness. What factors are fundamental for a man when they choose an object of his desire? Let’s deal with it together!

TOP-5 Signs of Female Sexual Attractiveness

Sigmund Freud, a psychologist, proved the simple truth: the power of sexual desire lies in all deeds of humanity. Since that there was a wave of sexual revolution in the world, women started opening their skin and confidently demonstrating their right to influence men’s preferences. However, not all women succeed in it…

What Is Sexual Attractiveness?

We can express sexuality because of nature but, unfortunately, not everyone can reach this full gift. In the patriarchal society that had been confidently dominating some other 70-80 years ago, women drew their sexuality from their men but they rejected their own interests and desires. The desire to be loved at any cost captured minds of representatives of the gentle sex so women even dissolved their own “self” in it. Echoes of the past can be felt today, for example, when a young (or not so young) lady having a sense of her irresistibility walks in 15 cm high-heels across the glare ice.

Many women make a mistake already at the very beginning: when they try to be liked by a man, they focus on the common image that is evoked by TV shows, glossy magazines and their own imagination. Besides, we don’t pay attention to needs of real people, for instance, of husband or boyfriend. Not all men like skinny models, and not all men are excited by miniskirts and high heels.

For the sake of looking perfect, a lady becomes diffident. Instead of completely devoting herself to the conversation with a representative of the different sex, we think about radically different things: is our lipstick smeared? does a crease creep on tights? does a strand come out of the hair? A man will most probably not pay his attention to your lipstick, strand or crease but to stiffness, nervousness and pursy mouth, and he will definitely take them personally.

What Is Sexual Attractiveness

The problem of other women lies in the early childhood when someone told her that she has parenthetic legs or a snub nose. Or someone told her that sex causes venereal diseases and that men need nothing but SEX. The result is that attractiveness fades together with self-confidence, and trust in men fades too…

The sexual «education» comes from the family and is transmitted from the elder generation of women to the younger one. Our mothers and grandmothers often had to take the role of a man if they did not have one. They were mainly busy with survival but not with gentle internal organization. Many of us have adopted an idea subconsciously: being attractive and feminine is not necessary. Studying hard – yes, finding a good job – yes, but such folly as sexuality – out of the mind. And it is not surprising that many 30-year ladies do not have serious relationship yet, let alone the family and children. How can they have them if since her childhood everybody inspires her confidence that it is shameful to be interested in men?

The Other Side’s View

One scientist of the Illinois University conducted the research among 1 000 men aged from 20 to 50 devoted to the issue of female sexual attractiveness. From the long list of offered variants the target audience chose those traits that seem most important to them.

The Other Side’s View

Points were distributed as follows:

– 40 % think that the highlight of the woman is in her skill of flirting, making eyes and chatting;
– for 24 % the determining factor is appearance (skin, teeth, hair, nails, figure and health in common);
– 15 % preferred self-confidence and a good attitude to the body;
– 12 % chose her skill of selecting clothes, hairstyle and make up;
– 9 % admire women who show their individuality and personal traits that distinguish her from the rest.

Let’s consider the points of men’s top of sexuality in detail.

1st Position. Flirting

Sincere and good attitude to a man is a key to success in half of cases and top of the rating. The flirting lady lets understand that she feels her identity and demonstrating it she uses her main weapon to conquer the heart of the man. The huntress gives an unambiguous sign that she is able to love and trust. Many people will agree that it is quite difficult to be loved by a man whom you feel fear and contempt. Ardent feminists declaring loudly that all men are bastar… can hardly boast of crowds of admirers. Representatives of the gentle sex subconsciously feel people that maintain good relations with them and gladly join the game. And it is not necessary to be a beauty from the cover of a glossy magazine, all the same, you will have many admirers!

Problems with trust in men can be effectively solved in the study of psychologist. Unfortunately, you will not be able to live a normal life without specialist’s assistance. To have a skill of flirting you need practice as much as possible. Smile at the driver of the bus or passengers of the underground. Try to shoot with your eyes (in a corner or something else) at home and master your skill in any comfortable place. Control your tread, gestures, voice timbre and be careful with how you laugh and speak.

1st Position. Flirting

When you communicate with a man, remember one thing and repeat it to yourself: “It is not a mate, a friend or a partner but a representative of the other sex you want to be liked by”.

Each woman must realize that she is not a slave or a maid whose life is just a burden but a joyful skittish flirty girl. But it is very important to understand that flirt is a game that does not binds you with anything, it is not an invitation to something more. The man realizes it.

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