TOP-7 the most filling diets

TOP-7 the most filling diets

What can women sacrifice to have a beautiful and slim body? They are ready to eat only salad leaves and sun beams, feeling always hungry. To confine to buckwheat and lemon water, chump green apples and fresh carrot. But why torturing your own body, if there are healthy and filling diets, which will make slimming process easy and tasty?

TOP-7 the most filling diets

Six petals

This slimming method is based on separate nutrition principles. On the first day, a girl stills hunger only with fish dishes: stewed tuna, steamed salmon, hake and herbs soup. 400-500 g of protein products are allowed per day. Fish fillet shouldn’t be roasted, only stewed or steamed.

The second day is for vegetables. The most preferable are zucchini, broccoli, carrots, beet, cucumbers and tomatoes. A small amount of potatoes is allowed as well, as they contain starch. On this day you can cook salads, stews, bake puddings and soups, for example, pumpkin or dietary onion soup. A slimming girl won’t be hungry, as it’s allowed to eat 1.5 kg of any vegetables per day.

The third is a protein day. The menu includes chicken breast dishes: dumplings, steak, just boiled meat or light bouillon. The product can be complemented with spices and herbs, as well as lemon juice. You can eat 100-150 g of chicken per meal and 0.4-0.5 kg per day.

The next stage is cereal. Buckwheat, wheat or oat porridge, as well as brown rice are allowed. You should take 200 g of dry cereal, boil it and separate in 3-4 helpings. Season with herbs and sesame seeds. To improve digestion, you can add 1-2 spoons of bran.

TOP-7 the most filling diets

The fifth day is dedicated to cottage cheese. A fat-free product is preferable. It’s not allowed to add berries or dried fruit. Sugar, salt and seeds are also forbidden. You can eat 500 g of cottage cheese per day and drink twi glasses of low-fat milk.

The body that has received lots of fiber and protein needs vitamins. On the last day of the diet the author offers to treat yourself with fruit and fresh juices. You can take apples, peaches, pears, citrus and kiwis. Moderate amounts of bananas and grapes are also allowed. Fruit can be either baked with cinnamon and vanilla or eaten fresh. You can eat up to 1-1.5 kg of this healthy food per day.

Thanks to rotation of protein and complex carbohydrate speeds up the metabolic process. The body burns up only fat. The menu is diverse and filling, therefore women don’t feel always hungry.

Salt-free diet

The developers of this slimming method are sure that a human body needs only small amounts of salt. This substance slows down the metabolic process and keeps liquid in muscles and internal organs, therefore you cannot get rid of excess weight.

Salt-free diet is very similar to the well-balanced nutrition. It is suggested that a person should exclude all the unhealthy food from the diet, such as:

• sausage and ham;
• butter and animal fat;
• marinades and pickles;
• air-dried and smoked fish;
• chips, nuts and croutons.

TOP-7 the most filling diets

Pork should be changed for beef, chicken and turkey. Instead of chocolates and cakes you are to eat more fruit and vegetable salads. The diet should be complemented with cottage cheese, seafood, fish and berries, eggs, hard cheese, wheat and rye bread.

The main rule of the diet: you can use salt only in ready dishes. Not more than 5-10 g of salt is allowed per day. You can have 4-5 meals a day, but shouldn’t overeat. For salads’ seasoning yogurt or kefir should be used, no more vegetable oil.

Salt-free diet has no counterindications. It’s suitable for people suffering from gastric and kidney diseases. The size of portions is not limited. You don’t have to count calories. If feeling hungry, a woman can eat an apple or cheese and bran bread sandwich. Or a cup of tea with cherry pie.

A person who has chosen salt-free diet feels satiated and energetic. He loses from 5 to 8 kg of excess weight in 2 weeks.

Protein diet

This method is aimed at girls who take regular training in a gym and lead active life. They cannot eat only boiled broccoli, for their body requires a lot of energy.

The creators of protein diet suggest that women should exclude fats and carbohydrate containing products from their diet. Refuse alcohol and sign up for aerobics or fitness.

Girls who have chosen protein diet should follow several rules:

1. Have meals 5-6 times a day.
2. Have dinner 2 hours prior to going to bed.
3. Drink distilled water. No mineral water or carbonated drinkы.
4. Prefer light products, containing minimum of fat.

The day is started with a cup of tea without sugar. In 30-50 minutes, you should eat a boiled egg, vegetable or fruit salad and a crouton. Have steamed fish or chicken fillet for lunch and dinner. Eat a grapefruit or an orange as the snack.

Drink a glass of kefir before going to bed. Large amount of protein, contained in meat and eggs, has a negative impact on intestinal microflora. The fermented dairy product increases the healthy bacteria concentration and normalizes digestion.

TOP-7 the most filling diets

The diet of a person who has chosen protein diet includes lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Salads can be seasoned with olive oil. Cereals and hard cheese are also allowed.

It’s forbidden to eat sweets, butter and animal fat, pork, pickles and smoked food.

Protein diet lasts from 7 to 14 days and no longer, otherwise there will be problems with pressure, digestion and kidneys.

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