Topaz ring – a royal jewelry!

Topaz ring – a royal jewelry!

Topaz – a very popular semi-precious stone with bright gloss, one of the few, which lack defects, inclusions or cracks. The natural gemstones are found in different shades – blue, pink, colorless, yellow or purple. Their key feature is the ability to change color, depending on the light intensity.

Topaz ring – a royal jewelry!

The world knows multiple deposits of these stones, but not all of them are known for the quality of quarried topazes. Splendid jewels are quarried in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, the USA and Sri Lanka. Lately, the demand for topaz rings has grown – as they harmoniously match almost any image.

How to choose and with what to combine a topaz ring?

Topaz equally harmoniously matches all the metals – red, white and yellow gold, platinum and silver. Such jewelry is very versatile and perfect for any occasion, and a wide range of shades enables every girl to choose the stone which ideally suits her. Topaz is perfectly combined in jewelry with other stones, for example, chrysolite, citrine, garnet, phianite or diamond.

Healing properties

Topaz can produce various effects on a human body. Since ancient times, people believed that it stops bleeding, aids in poisoning, insomnia, bronchial asthma and cold, fight liver and gall bladder diseases cure near-slightness and female infertility.

Magic properties

Topaz is considered to be the royal stone: it helps to reveal secrets and conspiracies, enables to read people like a book. Since ancient times, kings always took this gem with them, which protect them from enemies and liars.

Another well-known property of this gem is the ability to reconcile, to bring harmony and peace into love relations. It’s recommended for those, who want to preserve and make love stronger, to purchase a topaz ring. In the East, this gem is a symbol of faith and hope. It is believed that people, who wear jewelry with this gem, become more kind, honest and understanding.

Those, who seek for spiritual enlightenment, should choose a blue topaz – it is believed that it can be used even for manipulating others and instilling them into your ideas. A yellow stone is able to bring wisdom and glory, to provide with financial prosperity.

Topaz is perfect for Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini, but for Taurus and Libra it’s not advisable to wear jewelry with this gem.

Topaz ring care and storage

These jewelry should be protected from cuts, as well impact of heat and sun, and taken off before starting doing housework not to be exposed to household chemicals. You can clean them quite easily by yourself. You just need to fill a plastic container with soapy water and place jewelry there for half an hour, then rinse with running water and gently wipe with a soft cloth.
Topaz rings always look stylish, elegant and gentle, such jewelry are versatile, suitable for any clothing styles and at the same time are relatively cheap.

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