Tour around Belgium

Tour around Belgium

Belgium is amazing country, which harmoniously combines a variety of unique medieval monuments and modern European goods. It is a small and very ancient state emanates the tranquility and well-being. But the first thing why Belgium is famous and the reason why every year millions of tourists come here is a local chocolate, waffles and beer, and of course, the view of the European Parliament in Brussels. But this is not the only feature of this European country; there are many attractions, which can be found traveling through Belgium.


Guide around Belgium

Belgium has three official languages – Dutch, French and German. But at the same time almost all the residents are fluent in English. As in all countries of the European Union, the main currency here is the euro. As for the weather, then when travelling to Belgium you need to bring along an umbrella. The weather in the country is not too friendly and often changeable; the summer is cool here, but winter is warm and comfortable.

Before planning a trip to Belgium, you need to know that in order to get into this state it is necessary to obtain a Schengen visa in advance. In addition, this European country is not the cheapest. Travel on public transport, hotels, trips to the cinema and cafes will make tourists spend considerably. But it’s worth it, because Belgium is the country of unlimited opportunities, with well developed railway system.

Thanks to high-speed rail every tourist can easily run between the cities of the state. This type of transport is very popular among the locals; thanks to fast trains Belgians live and work freely in different parts of the country. Tourists, in turn, are provided with an opportunity to see several cities in Belgium, each of which is unique and interesting, during one trip. Among the most popular tourist cities there are such as:


Belgium is a small country. It will take time to find it on the map, but in spite of this relatively small size, the country has played a major role in life not only across Europe but also worldwide. It is in this country, the headquarters of the European Union are; the most important decisions and laws are made here almost daily.

Capital of Belgium, Brussels, is also the capital of the entire European Union. Here in the European Parliament, there are about 30,000 officials at various levels, who work on all sorts of bills. The building of the European ‘white house’ is striking by its scale; it is a complex of buildings, the facade of which is decorated with large mirrors. Due to constantly changing mirroring the appearance of the European Parliament is varied, depending on the time of day or weather. But due to the sky displayed in glass, the European Parliament is called the heavenly building.

EU’s main building is constructed in such a way that it can be seen from any point in Brussels. But the most important thing is that almost everyone can get freely to the European Parliament, and even visit the meeting in person. To do this, the tourist should register in advance at the government portal, and to present an identity document at the entrance. Before the visitor set foot on the threshold of parliamentary he will be screened and scanned with metal detector.


Inside of the building there are meeting rooms, all kinds of cafes, souvenir shops, storage and a tourist information center. In front of the main entrance to the Parliament the twelve-meters sculpture ‘Heart of Europe’ rises, a symbol of the unification of Europe.

For the detailed acquaintance with Brussels tourist needs 3-4 days. This city is constantly evolving; the dynamics and progressiveness are felt here. The Belgian capital is rich in its numerous parks, where all sorts of outdoor activities are constantly carried out.


After exploring the capital, many travelers go to the Belgian city of Bruges, the road from which to the capital by train will take only an hour away. This town may seem small at first, but its difference from modern Brussels is difficult not to notice. Bruges is quiet and mysterious, there are no constantly fleeing crowds.


Most of the people filling the streets, are strolling tourists and local people working for them. This city can be called the Magic Kingdom, because there are no towering developments and shopping centers. Bruges is permeated with a large number of channels, and the swans floating along them and the houses built close to the water, add the romanticism to the city.


Another unusual city in Belgium is Ghent. It is considered both as old and young, lively city. Ghent has a huge number of different universities, so most of the local residents are young people.


The ancient architecture adds the city greatness. The main attraction of Ghent is Gravensten count’s castle, which was built at the end of 1180. Construction of the castle is so unique that its defensive system has been preserved in its original form to this day. Today, the justice and weapons museum acts in the count’s castle, tools and methods of torture used in the 14-18 century, when Flandres highest court met in Gravenstein, are presented here.

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