Trend: cherry color in clothes

Trend: cherry color in clothes

Cherry color. Rich, bold, noble, it was created to seduce and conquer men, no wonder it is called wine. It makes people be drunk as wine, giving royal look to the appearance of its owner. Burgundy color formed from the compound of red and blue, turns a deep, enabling the use in different looks. It is a favorite of the season. Let us listen to the advice of stylists on how to create a good image with cherry-colored things.

Trend cherry color in clothes

Cherry + black, white and gray

In black and white palette cherry is definitely appropriate. It refreshes the classic color with brightness and juiciness of summer berries. For everyday wear gray trousers, black Loafer shoes, blouson with cherry abstract prints and colored snood scarf will fit perfectly. Spring youth set consisting of a leather trouser of cherry color, white scarf, light gray turtleneck and matching bag will be excellent. Interesting image can be created by combining the floral print pants, ivory jacket, cherry leather jacket with pumps and a large burgundy bag.

For the going out a combination of cherry and white will be a good choice. The festive mood will be created with leather dress of ripe cherries color. With white coat, it looks impressive even without accessories. Black leather dress and burgundy leather coat create a vivid image in the Gothic style.

For cold gray color cherry shade is a real find. Therefore, for the office looks the pants of wet asphalt color, cherry pullover can be offered, adding them with combined shoes in gray and cherry tones and gray bag. Strict steel suit with a white blouse, decorated with a burgundy flower in its buttonhole, or smoky burgundy dress with a wide belt and matching shoes will satisfy dress code.
Ashen romantic dress with asymmetrical cut, cherry pumps will fit into the evening set. From accessories it is better choose feathers, bracelets, earrings of respective colors. If you are going on a date, wear sheath dress in black and white polka dot, cherry stilettos and burgundy jacket. From accessories, use a black clutch.

Cherry + blue, beige and brown

Denim things are so perfect for combination with wine-colored clothing that it gives the impression they made for each other. This makes it possible to draw up a set of variations in different styles, complementing beige and brown shades. The girl will look fashionable, wearing a cherry dress in white polka dot, denim jacket, and beige and brown bag should be used as an accessory. Wine, beige or brown colors look gently restrained and noble in the composition.

Cherry top, denim jacket combined with a beige handbag, accessories of burgundy color have a modern look. The girl, dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt and black tie, burgundy pullover and black stilettos will look organic in the students’ auditory. A tandem of ripe cherries and chocolate has unusual look. This set is best to dilute, for example, with orange or cream accessories or cream top with orange print. Going to a country walk, you can wear cherry jacket in addition to jeans and a beige pullover with stripes. Beige shoes will be in tune with the image.

Color is very closely linked with our emotions. The theory of Feng Shui says that color affects the destiny of person. It is believed that the burgundy color promotes attraction of passion, love and prosperity! Let it be more passion in your life!

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