Trendy shades of lipstick 2016

Trendy shades of lipstick 2016

In 2016, the leading stylists decided to radically reconsider their attitude to make-up and decided to add some new creative ideas. Perhaps this is why the emphasis in a make-up in 2016 is not on the eyes, as it was fashionable in the past few years, and on the lips. The stylists identified several concepts that are absolutely different from each other, so that women have more capacity to create different images.

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Let’s start with the main trend of the season – the use of bright burgundy-red hues. The only condition – it must be the right colors, elegant and noble, magnificent and spectacular, not shade of ripe strawberries or cherries. The most relevant colors are plum, wine, cherry, ruby and coral shades. They are rich, deep and warm with a barely perceptible ‘sparkle’, but at the same time devoid of vulgarity and platitude.

The second fashion trend is a triumphant return to fashion the image of ‘dark lady’ – classics of the 90s of the twentieth century. To create it you’ll need dark brown, chocolate-black, maroon-black or chocolate-cherry lipstick and pencil in tone of lipstick, which will need to form a clear outline of the lips. These darker shades do look very stylish and impressive, but unfortunately, the image of the ‘dark lady’ is not for every woman because it emphasizes all the defects of the skin, so be careful with this direction.

Another current idea for the winter and spring of 2016 is a lipstick in the style of ‘nude’, which does not give up its position for several consecutive seasons. Body colors perfectly accentuate the shape of lips and matte texture of lipstick will give the lips required volume and fullness. The range of color palette varies from light beige gentle shade resembling tonal cream to a soft cream color. But brunettes should be careful with such a lipstick as bright lips can be ‘lost’ against the background of dark skin.

Finally, the chief must have of the season is ‘fruit’ lipsticks similar to red orange and ripe watermelon. These colors will cheer up, will charge with cheerfulness and remind the imminent approach of the summer, pushing women to choose a more creative and bright clothes, experimenting with shoes and accessories, hair styles and flavors.

As for the make-up as a whole, as much as possible the natural make-up with transparent foundation, light caramel blush and slightly stained lashes should be combined with lipsticks of ‘nude’ colors. But bright vibrant make-up looks great with smoky eyes. Alternatively, you can try to embody the idea of Elie Saab and highlight your eyes with blue eyeliner with ‘ice’ spark.

If you decide to use a dark lipstick, which will focus all the attention, the use of shades is not necessary. It is enough to line your eyes with thin, invisible arrows that emphasize their cut, and to shape the eyebrows, tinted and combed them.

But classic eye-liner and long eyelashes, emphasizing the outer corner of the eye, look perfect with intense cherry and ruby hues, as mentioned at the beginning.


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