Umbrella – manual or automatic

Umbrella – manual or automatic

It is better not to go out without an umbrella in autumn and spring. It can be an attractive addition to your style that will attract the attention of passers-by.

Umbrella – manual or automatic

Umbrella – it is an item, that often just hangs on a hanger in your home, and you only buy new one when the old suffers a shameful defeat in the fight with the vortex and ends up in street bins. But when you have already decided to buy new, you have to make a decision not only by the pattern, color and size, but also with the method of folding and unfolding. You need to choose between automatic and manual options, or to use parts of both. Let’s try to understand what is the difference between these options and what should you pay attention to.

The umbrella is an indispensable tool. You can try to protect yourself from the rain with the help of a large coat, hat with large fields or travel jacket. However, sooner or later, you will find that walking in autumn and spring days without it is an unbearable torment. Instead checking it out for yourself, it is better to acquire parasol, that’s properly matched to your style, so that no one, even the biggest rain, was able to surprise you and make you stay at home.

The traditional version of the umbrella requires mechanism, which moves to set in motion the entire structure. It was extremely long umbrellas Initially, in form of canes, consisting of one fixed part. Eventually the established versions became appearing. They can be easily folded into small things, that will fit even in your purse. The undoubted advantage of such items is the ease of use, increased reliability due to the absence of any buttons. By purchasing an umbrella with a correspondingly sturdy and well-made mechanism, you will be able to enjoy the product for a long time.

Automatic umbrellas have the button, located on handle, pushing which, you will fold or unfold your umbrella in a flash. It’s a definitive advantage at a time, when the rain catches you, while returning from shopping with hands full of bags. Not to get wet you should open umbrella using one hand as fast as you can. Among a large number of models you should choose products from the proven manufacturers. Made of durable materials, umbrellas should provide you multiple seasons of trouble-free usage.

When you choose one of these products, and it seems complicated, you should compromise and choose a model that uses both designs. The mechanism, placed in a semi-automatic umbrella, makes the cup to open. But in order to unfold it, you need to remove the frame, just like in the umbrella with manual mode. Such models can be found most often in stores. They have gained their popularity due to the compact size after folding and profitable system of unfolding. Their disadvantage is the relatively low strength, which compensates with the price.

Everyone needs to make their own decision on which mechanism to choose. It completely depends on your preferences, needs, frequency and the duration of use of the umbrella. Consider options that are important to you: elegant and classic design, comfort and the ability to turn umbrella in a small item in your bag.

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