Uncommon men’s watches

Uncommon men’s watches

Watch – is a device for measuring time of day. A human has always wanted to know the time indicator. But due to the technical progress, after appearance of mobile phones, watches as the time device fell by the wayside. Today, for most people watch has become just an accessory, a part of the wardrobe, emphasizing the style and personality of its owner. And the more mice-looking and expensive the watch is; the more self-confident and elegant feels the person, wearing it on his wrist.

Uncommon men’s watches

The beauty is perfection, the perfect combination of all components of the device. But everyone has his own ideal of beauty. And everyone chooses a watch, complying with his own life rhythm, the taste for clothes and personality.

Watches can be classified by ten major types.

Classic watch (business, conservative design).

Sophisticated watches (with additional, more complex functions).

Sports watch (made of more durable materials and protected from moisture).

Chronometers (more accurate).

Chronographs (have a stopwatch).

Designer watch (has an exclusive face and strap design).

Jewelry watch (made of precious metals and stones).

Smart watch (multi-functional).

The most nice-looking and stylish are considered to be designer and jewelry watches. They have become an indicator of the personal image and social status of their owner. These accessories emphasize the style and the individual image of every person. The beauty of men’s watches – are the masterpieces, created by professionals.

The most beautiful and expensive watch is considered to be Chopard 201 Carat. It costs about $25 million. This designer work impresses not by the watch itself, but by the strap decoration. This whole watch is made of color diamonds. And the very face of the watch is surrounded by three biggest stones, located in triangular shape. It is followed by Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication. This unique model is considered to be the most complicated. This watch includes 24 integrated functions. It is made of gold. The most attractive feature of this watch – is its face, representing the exact copy of the starry sky. This masterpiece costs $12 million.

Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 can compete the previous model on complexity. It includes 36 functions, 25 of which are presented on the face with 19 pointers. It costs about $3 million. Adding just another million dollars, you can buy Patek Philippe Platinum World Time watch. It features the original, more classic design, created in retro style. The assembly includes the self-winding movement, which allows to know the exact time anywhere on the planet. Patek Philippe has created another eye-catching item as well. This is Model 2523 Heures Universelles.

The device is made of gold, it can show time in 24 clock zones. And on the face you can see a map of North America. Jaquet Droz company is famous for its exclusive designer items. Their last line – are “bird” watches. Blue tits, located on the face, are a pretty decorative element. The method of multilayer engraving made it possible to recreate the real colors of the birds’ coat. Therefore, the blue tits enjoy the three dimensional appearance. And when you start the watch, the animation is turned on – the birds come to life.

We can discuss the most beautiful watches in the world for very long time. But the beauty is not constant. What is flawless now, tomorrow may become second-class. Any watch designer wishes to become one of the best in the business. They insert a bunch of functions, put new landscapes on the face, changing the visibility axis. And all these is aiming at the buyer, receiving the aesthetic pleasure, when looking at such an accessory.

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