Unforgettable journey to India

Unforgettable journey to India

India is one of the most interesting and amazing states for tourism. Only here travelers may see things, that you can’t meet anywhere else in the world. Almost everything here is unusual here, from the usual signage on the shops to the traditions and clothing. Every tourist coming here is in a completely different world: a world of ancient sights, music, bright outfits and extraordinary contrasts.

Unforgettable journey to India

Of course, there are some place that must be visited in India, because the journey to this country will be incomplete.

Who didn’t want to see, how the Indian movie is being made? Everyone remembers Zita and Gita, Jimmy and others from their childhood. The main center of film industry of India is waiting for guests. There are daily excursions today in the Bollywood. Tourists can visit the pavilions, shooting stage and learn a lot. This innovation was introduced in 2011. You can even participate in filming on some of the studios. Though it’s just extras, it’s a good opportunity to make a wonderful glimpse to the movie world. Booking a tour is an expensive thing, but absolutely worth one.

Fans of various Antiques must visit the ancient temple of the Virupakshu.

But you also should have patience, because the temple is situated in 350 kilometers from Bangalore. It’s one of the oldest Hindu temples of the state. This structure, erected in honor of the goddess Shiva is more than 1300 years. The temple is the main Shrine of India, without any exaggeration. For many years it attracts people from all over the country to honor the goddess. There are ruins of ancient temples around the building, but it perfectly preserved till our days. There is a Grand event celebrated here every year – the wedding festival of Virupaksha and Pampa. Those who’ve been here, were convinced, that it’s really worthwhile and unusual event. Also the festival with the procession of temple chariots is organized here.

Fans of beaches and fun can go to Goa. It’s one of the most popular places in the world for lovers of night life, beaches, sun and constant fun. The Papolem beach deserves a special attention. Due to its geographical location it has beautiful views and there is almost constantly a calm sea without waves. So the rest here is especially nice.

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