Unisex Clothes

Unisex Clothes

The appearance of new fashion trends is often connected with changes in social situations within society. The most striking example of this is the beginning of the most affordable and thoroughgoing clothing style, unisex, in the mid-1960s.


In fashion experts’ opinion, representatives of underground subcultures, to be exact, hippies and punks, had a direct bearing on the appearance of the style for “both sexes”. It was they who turned jeans, which had been considered as the cowboys and general labourers’ uniform, into garment for delicate ladies and self-confident men. In the 1970s twiggy style grew into fashion: there were young women with frail figure and very short hair. Then, in 10 years, women tried the formal man’s suite evoking stereotyped associations with stylish and confident business-woman. And, finally, the 1990s can be seen as the dawn of the style. That time famous designer Calvin Klein laid the unisex concept into the foundation of his collection’s creation. Then young masculine ladies and lads with make-up could be met not only on the runways but also on the streets of large cities.

Nowadays the tendency to exchange of roles between a man and a woman maintains its position. Moreover, it concerns not only clothes but also other parts of the look such as hair-do, shoes, perfume. But while there are not some particular limitations for men, ladies accept all the rules of the “game”.

For whom will unisex clothes be perfect?

The first who appraised unisex look were creative people paying much attention on affordability, flexibility and comfort while choosing clothes. If you have quite ample curves and are overweight, it’s better to give up on wearing clothes in this style. Unisex style will suit slim young people, students and teenagers more. You can put unisex clothes on dates, while walking around the city or even in a place of work (of course, if dress code allows it).

Features of the style

– Colour range: the shades of rich blue, gray, brown, sand and colouring in military style are common.
– Fabrics: leather, wool, knitted fabric, denim.
– Accessories: wooden beads and bracelets, round and drop-shaped glasses, shapeless oversized bags.
– Shoes: sneakers, sandals, loafers, trainers, boots, timbs.

Which unisex clothes can wardrobe include?

Unisex style is often used to make a family or couple’s look, you just need choose clothes of different size. The common unisex wardrobe includes shapeless sweet-shirts, simple t-shirts and sweaters, singlets, shirts, boyfriend jeans, coats, jackets and trench coats. As additional accessories ties, braces, glasses, bracelets and watches can be used. The necessary part of the look is fashionable headwear such as caps, hats and baseball caps.

Many common unisex trends have already found their places in modern fashionists’ wardrobes. It even can be said that such expression is more a lifestyle than clothing style. Unisex look is not only comfortable and sensible but also stylish and extraordinary.

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