Useful properties of the nettle

Useful properties of the nettle

It is growing literally under our feet, everyone is familiar with it and it is considered to be a natural cure. This is a nettle – stinging, prickly and incredibly useful. This medicinal plant found its popularity in many industries, including medicine and dermatology, cosmetology and cooking. What properties does it possess and how to use this natural healing drug?

Useful properties of the nettle

Nettle for good health

Nettle has a powerful therapeutic effect, helping not only in prevention but also in treatment of many diseases. Preparations on its basis are taken orally and used topically as compresses. And the reason for the high efficiency of this plant is hiding behind its composition, which contains vitamins, protein and tannin, chlorophyll and a long row of macro – and micronutrients.

Biologically active substances contained in the leaves and young leafy shoots of the nettle help to use it as a general tonic. Simple decoctions and infusions are used quite successfully for the treatment of cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems and the gastrointestinal tract. These drugs can significantly improve the functioning of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys with the complex therapy. They display diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, thus helping to cope with cystitis, nephritis, and pyelonephritis.

Useful properties of nettle become important for constipation, diarrhea, gastritis and enterocolitis: a medicinal herb normalizes the acidity, improves intestinal microflora and promotes normal bowel movement. In parallel it helps to stop the processes of putrefaction in the intestines and eliminates the inflammation, stimulates bile flow and enhances the activity of the glands of the digestive system.

As an additional tool, nettle can help in the treatment of malaria and tuberculosis. It is used externally in rheumatism, and in the case of infection of the wound it is desirable to combine local therapy with the intake. The infusion of the rhizomes will help with abrasions, swelling and hemorrhoids, and steamed in boiling water flowers are a tool that is used for cough with phlegm.

Nettle contains large amounts of carotenoids that care about our vision and take an active part in normalizing the functioning of the mucous membranes and skin, and also help our body to be resistant to attacks of fungal and bacterial diseases. Plus, preparations of this plant stimulate protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

In general, nettle is an excellent tonic for the immune system, through which you can improve the body’s defenses in the season of colds, speed up recovery and quickly recover in the postoperative period. It is capable of preventing oxygen starvation in tissues and cells and to protect from radiation in some extent.

External use

For external use drugs on the basis of nettles show excellent results in the treatment of open wounds, abrasions, cuts and ulcers. They can make a great help and in the presence of dermatological problems such as boils, ringworm and acne.

Infusions of nettle help eliminate itching, reduce inflammation and pain in the form of compresses decoctions.

Diseases of the blood

Nettle contains a lot of biologically active substances, among which there are the most important micro – and macronutrients. Once in the blood, they improve it with formula and prevent the development of many diseases.

Useful properties of the nettle

In order to increase the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells or to purify the blood it’s enough to include nettles in your diet. You can get delicious salads, omelets, rice dishes and excellent soup. Just before you add burning leaves in your salad, don’t forget to scald them with boiling water.


Nettles has a powerful hemostatic effect due to the presence of vitamin K. This substance promotes blood clotting and has anti-inflammatory effect that allows to use of preparations of this plant as an external tool to accelerate healing of damaged skin and to stop internal bleeding.

Nettle leaf extract and aqueous extract are good for uterine, nasal, hemorrhoids, intestinal, renal and pulmonary bleeding. These same tools are used in case of slow wound healing after childbirth and abortion, as well as in menopause.

Chronic diseases

Prepared on the basis of young nettle water extract exhibits diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fever effect that helps to fight many diseases of a chronic nature. These include kidney, stomach and biliary tract diseases.

In addition, nettle gives the body the ability to withstand the negative influence of the environment, promotes the fastest recovery, even with the indolent form of the disease. It is considered as an excellent remedy for gout and rheumatism.

To reduce sugar level

Secretin, which is part of the nettle provides normal metabolism and improves the pancreas. In result it stimulates the creation of insulin, and this, in turn, leads to normalization of blood sugar levels.

Useful properties of the nettle

This property of nettle makes the following tool very useful for people with diabetes. For its preparation there should be a glass of curdled milk to dissolve a tablespoon of powder from the dry leaves. The finished product is recommended for use before meals for two weeks. Then the 10 days’ break followed and the course is repeated. To obtain good results, it is desirable to conduct five courses.

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