Vacation in hot Mexico

Vacation in hot Mexico

Divine humid tropics allow you to feel like in a fairy tale. The smell of freshness, plants, sea breeze what more could you ask for? And, indeed, there is something!

Vacation in hot Mexico

Maybe you want to get on a surfboard and conquer the mighty waves, once on its foamy crest, feel the adrenaline in your blood? Just dive into the clean, bright blue water, and then get out on the beach and look to the high sky, feeling the velvet, warm, golden sand under the back?

You can also equip for scuba diving and plunge in the depths of the sea, where the beautiful fish which look like they have just descended from the image, will swim around you, creating the opportunity to see all their beauty in great detail. Oh, and a night is a real paradise for clubbers! Clubs with elegant music and strong, delicious alcohol! And it all is in one place – in Mexico.

How about tequila? Did you accustom to add a tart lime and dilute it with juice? Do not even think about it here! It is much better to try to drink as true stern Mexicans – tomato juice and hot chili pepper!

In Mexico, not only beach tourism but also excursions are well developed. And there is nothing surprising, because there are the remains of a great Maya civilization.

Fans of good food will be satisfied not on a hundred but on two hundred percent. The most popular meat is beef and goat unusual for residents of Russia, which the Mexican cooks are able to prepare simply divine. Basically meat is cooked on the barbecue, which is popular in the United States. In the center of Mexico there are delicious cakes, salads, casseroles and stews of hot spices, legumes and corn plants. Spicy vegetables, baked chicken with the same spices, light seafood; well, just think how much yummy food in Mexico!

We have already talked about alcoholic beverages, and about soft drinks, every tourist should taste very thick hot chocolate, which cannot be found anywhere else, and hibiscus cold tea.

So, remember a few rules. Any vaccinations before traveling to Mexico do not need to be done, but be careful with the food, just in case – eat in cafes as street stalls are not very good, although the majority of merchants in this country are very conscientious. As for taxis, avoid green cars.


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