Vacation in Sardinia: everyone will be satisfied

Vacation in Sardinia: everyone will be satisfied

Italy is famous for its bright and colorful island of Sardinia, where a large number of tourists come to rest. Among them there are couples with children, lovers and merry youth. For everybody in the island there are suitable locations for a wonderful pastime and entertainment.

Vacation in Sardinia everyone will be satisfied

Vacation in Sardinia with children

Sardinia island hotels provide an opportunity to relax here with kids: comfortable rooms with several rooms, special children’s pools, and even babysitting for parents could spend some time together. Professional instructors will work out diving with kids; provide rubber rings and other devices. Animators carry out various competitions; organize festivals, discos and performances for them. Older children can play beach volleyball, kayaking, control catamaran.

Fun on the water is not the only opportunity to have rest in Sardinia with the kids. Having taken a trip on the rocks, you can learn a lot and to plunge into the world of ancient times, visiting the stone houses and the nuraghi (towers), located in the gorges of the mountains, as well as the tomb of the Giants. Going to the Museum of Sardinian life and popular traditions will acquaint visitors with the former life of local residents.

Tours to Sardinia: the most famous island resorts

The most expensive resort in Sardinia is considered to be the Costa Smeralda. There is a large number of comfortable hotels and villas of famous actors such as Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts. The beauty of the resort area is that the sea water in this place has a rich emerald color.

For active youth the town of Quartu Sant Elena would be a good choice. Not far from the village Cagliari is located, where there are plenty of entertainment venues, bars and shops. On the western coast of Sardinia the most famous resort area is Alghero, ideal for lovers of water sports, diving and fishing who chose tours to Sardinia. In its surrounding area there are quite a lot of attractions.

Vacation in Sardinia: the important sights of the island

Alghero is sometimes called the little Barcelona due to the prevalence of Spanish architecture here; in this resort you can visit the Gothic Cathedral of St. Mary. In general, the island has many different cathedrals, temples and churches. Cagliari is famous for its bastion of San Remy, connecting the upper and lower parts of the city.

It is also has a viewing platform, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area and the town itself. While vacationing in Sardinia, it is impossible not to visit the National Archaeological

Museum, which contains ancient artifacts of different periods in the history of the island. Another important local attraction is the Roman amphitheater, where theater performances are held up to this day.

The combination of ancient buildings, the beautiful and varied nature with rich flora and fauna, favorable climatic conditions make the tours to Sardinia truly wonderful and memorable pastime for tourists with children, young couples and people of different financial opportunities!

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