Vacation on Tenerife: the possibilities are virtually endless!

Vacation on Tenerife: the possibilities are virtually endless!

Island vacation is very popular among tourists. So every year millions of travelers go to Tenerife to slug under the rays of the gentle sun. The most extensive island of the Canary archipelago attracts with its unique climate, simultaneously combining the wet one with a lot of vegetation in the north and dry climate with bright rays of the sun in the south. Mountain range separates these two zones. All that guests need to relax in Tenerife is simply choose a suitable resort located in any part of the island.


Beaches of Tenerife

Most of the beaches, specially designed for campers, are located in the southern part of the island: even the sand is brought to them from the desert. In the north, there are more wild, unequipped beach areas covered by black volcanic sand. Tourists can choose to holiday in Tenerife absolutely any beach. Among the surfers the south-east of the island enjoys the most popularity, as there is always windy weather and a long beach.


Tours in Tenerife very often are chosen by diving enthusiasts: south and south-west of the island are suitable for this kind of sport. In total there are more than 30 places where you can immerse yourself in the local underwater beauty. Among them the most popular dive site is called Los Chuchos, where there is the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich fauna of the Atlantic Ocean. For those who like to consider once sunken ships and underwater cave either Cueva de los Serebros or El Kondesito will be perfect. For resting divers there are also places for diving in the ocean in the north of the island, where you can admire the dolphins.

Attractions & Places

Due to the fact that the origin of the island is volcanic in nature, there are a lot of natural attractions. Among them are volcanoes, canyons, and mountains. Teno Natural Park, a stunning sight with its unusual landscapes and exquisite scenery, is very popular. Another park – Anaga – attracts tourists with a variety of vegetation and a unique mountain range, saving the island from the cold air.

The most famous volcanoes in Tenerife are Teide, which is both a symbol of the island and depicted in its coat of arms, and Chinery, hardened lava from the eruption of which had formed the unusual terrain on the slopes. Travelers choosing tours in Tenerife are very fond of viewing the rock cavity, among which the most frequently visited, are Mask and Barranco del Infierno, where a very beautiful waterfall is.

The Botanical Garden, which brought together a variety of exotic plants, is favorite place of tourists in the administrative center. Unusual pyramids of Güímar and millennial Dragon tree are also popular. Famous lunar landscapes formed by the cone-shaped white rocks ‘pumitas’ are especially beautiful.

Resting on Tenerife, you can visit many diverse zoos with many exotic animals, parks and water attractions. You can even take a walk on a yacht on the ocean and watch the whales from a distance of five meters, ride a jeep. As can be seen, here every guest can get the entertainment and leisure for all tastes!

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