Vacation on the ‘the last minute tours’: advantages and disadvantages

Vacation on the ‘the last minute tours’: advantages and disadvantages

The purchase of ‘the last minute tour’ is a great opportunity to save money, while relaxing at the resort of higher class than usually assumed for the amount paid. These trips cost is very cheap, because for the tour operators it is the last opportunity to partially fill the budget due to unredeemed seats on the plane and in hotel rooms. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these trips?

Vacation on the the last minute tours advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of ‘the last minute tours’

The ‘last minutes tours’ are not as expensive as the planned trips. This is their main advantage. Sometimes discounts at the last minute tours are up to 50%. There is an opportunity to relax cheaply. The tour operator provides a full range of services, which they have been paid in advance: hotel accommodation, meals and excursions. Perhaps he did not cope with the competition, did not study and forecasted demand for this tour and was not able to sell all the tours. In order not to go into negative and not be at a loss, it distributes tours at reduced prices.

When buying the last minute tour you should carefully read the contract with the tour operator. It spelled out all the services that he is obliged to provide. For mobile people, who want to start their holiday within 1-2 days, it is a good option of available travel.

If the tour operator is known and is in the business for many years, then rest for a cheap ticket will not differ from the travel purchased at full price.

Disadvantages of the last minute tours

1) Spontaneity. For people who have everything measured, predicted and planned vacation at the last minute tours are not suitable. In 1 day it is necessary to collect all the things, to get leave from work, finish all the urgent domestic affairs, pay taxes and debts.

2) Inability of a selection. Tour operator offers only a certain country and the only one hotel. No time to study all of its characteristics, you either agree what the hot tour directs, or stay at home.

3) Discounted tours are designed for those who have an international passport. There is no time to issue it.

4) There is not always the time to study the contract of services offered by tour operator. If he decided to save money on accommodation, food and entertainment for the tourist, he can change an expensive hotel room for the cheaper one, reduce food intake and limit the vacationer in excursions. The contract will provide the hotel, which tourists get in, but the room may be less comfortable.

5) The hottest season. These tours can be purchased only at certain times. Select at what time of year you go to travel is impossible.

6) Cheap tours often involve rest for one or two. Family tours are purchased at full price.

If a tour operator is unscrupulous and the little-known, it is necessary to be prepared for any contingencies. At the same time, for undemanding fans of the risk, the last minute tours are a good choice to visit a foreign country, so if you are sure in the company trip-organizer, you should definitely consider such an opportunity.

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