Vases and decoration: transparent magic

Vases and decoration: transparent magic

It is impossible to imagine a modern interior of living spaces without accessories. These together with other objects create a mood of comfort and warmth, as well as complement the style with bright color accents. Vases among other accessories are the most unique, sophisticated and elegant decor objects known to people since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used them to store ritual supplies. Ancient Greek amphora even today is still admired because of the perfection of form. Vases are in every home. They have long stopped to be only the jar for the storage. Such things, as part of the interior, bear meaning, highlight the surroundings, and define the emotions and atmosphere.

Vases and decoration transparent magic

A variety of vases

The modern world of vases offers a wide range of these products. Range introduced in stores allows choosing to the most discriminating buyer. Thus, they differ on the following parameters:

1) Depending on the height (floor and table);
2) Depending on the shape (elongated and bulk).

The traditional material for making vases is a colored and transparent glass. In this case there are also the products of the following materials:
1) Metal;
2) Ceramics;
3) Weaving of natural materials;
4) Wood.

Vases, like any other piece of art, may exist in a single embodiment, but may be ‘tirage’.

Features of decorating rooms with vases

Products of various shapes, colors, sizes allow you to create original compositions, to decorate the corners of the free space, filling the interior with colors. Forming the composition, it is necessary to take into account many factors:

1) Color;
2) Silhouette;
3) Drawing;
4) The material of the product itself;
5) Lighting;
6) Surrounding objects.

Vases in rooms are traditionally used to create a festive atmosphere. Mimosas flowers, tulips, lilies of the valley, swollen buds on thin branches, firs and pines with toys allow correctly guess the name of the holiday.

Dried herbs in a high metal vase with a narrow neck and clear forms, a lush field bouquet in bulk bellied vessel made of transparent glass, authentic floor products made of fireclay or fragile

Japanese ceramics, self-sustaining in nature – they arrange solo accents in the interior, filling the room with a sense of joy and freshness.

Vase is a unique piece of furniture that can work both in a team and be an independent unit of decoration, giving the interior a unique flavor and charming the audience with a magical simplicity.

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