Velvet Manicure: Stylish Nail Design

Velvet Manicure: Stylish Nail Design

Manicure is a cosmetic procedure of hand and nail care and design of the nails. Every woman must do it. Nowadays there’re many techniques and ways of the nail design. Now one of the most popular and stylish designs is velvet manicure which is also called plush, velour, wool, suede and cashmere.

Velvet Manicure Stylish Nail Design

What is velvet manicure?

Velvet manicure is the coating of the nails with a plush 3D-effect on them. It’s created by laying a special decorative material, flock-powder.

What do you need for coating?

This type of nail design is laid with a special device, flockayder, but you can do this yourself at home too. For this you need buy flock-powder that is a material made of wool, acryl, cotton or viscous rayon which can be of different colours, length and width. You also need lacquer of the same colour as the flock and a nail-brush to remove extra powder.

How to do velvet manicure?

First degrease the nails by removing the old lacquer, then apply the first layer of chosen lacquer makeup and let it dry completely. Pour the certain amount of flock out of a jar to more convenient container with a wide mouth and brake the lumps slightly. It’s recommended to use a face mask because the grains of decorative mixture are too small and you should prevent them from getting inside your organism.

After applying one more layer of lacquer the nails must be flock-powdered evenly and quickly, then you should distribute the material on the nail plate by tamping slightly. Remove extra filaments with a nail-brush. Don’t cover the flock nails with special latter gel not to ruin the effect. It’s enough to wait for complete dryout and velvet manicure is ready.

Advantages and disadvantages of velvet manicure

The main advantage of velvet manicure is that it can be easily done on your own and you even don’t need any special knowledge and skills. Flock-powder is a cheap and available material that can be bought in any specialized store. The coating itself doesn’t require some special care and if you need you can easily remove it with varnish remover.

This type of manicure is modern, stylish and unordinary. It looks perfectly with dresses of the same colour of velvet, velour, cashmere and suede. For creating a more interesting effect you can cover only one nail or all the nails but partially with flock and use the different colours. If you are high-experienced and high-skilled, you can do velvet manicure with some patterns or in ombre style. It all depends on your taste and imagination.

The only one disadvantage is that this coating satisfies the eye just for several days or little longer if it’s done with a special device.

Velvet manicure suits modern stylish women who are not afraid of attention and love showing their style and personality.

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