Venetian Hair Highlights: Peculiarities

Venetian Hair Highlights: Peculiarities

Recently in the field of hair coloring the various types of highlights became popular, for example, Californian, blonde and ombre highlights. They can hepl you achieve the targeted changes in appearance without changing a hair color cardinally. So, what are Venetian hair highlights?

Venetian Hair Highlights: Peculiarities

Venetian hair highlights are hair coloring style in which lighter shades are added to the natural color of hair. This coloring technique results in an effect of the natural sun-damaged hair.

Historical Background

Venetian hair highlights were well-known in those old days when the fashion industry hadn’t been as developed as nowadays. Girls and women had to devise new methods to be beautiful and attractive.

The women lived in Venice were notable for raven hair. One would think nothing can be more beautiful but, alas, they weren’t satisfied with their appearance and desired some changes. Moreover, in those days there were some certain fashion trends. Venetian rhymists and serenade singers in their works praised the beauty of girls with light blond hair shining and sparkling in the sunlight. To achieve the same effect on their black curls raven brunettes made different sacrifices. They even laid their own urine on strands and went outside in the scalding sun to let their hair be sun-damaged and to become closer to the ideal look.

Venetian Hair Highlights Nowadays

Fortunately, modern girls and women don’t have to make such sacrifices. The fashion industry develops so fast that it offers different services which can fulfill any woman’s wish. Color stylists developed the technique of Venetian hair highlights for the purpose of creating more natural hair color. This technique can help you change your appearance by coloring strands and it suits even those girls who have dry, fragile and damaged hair.

The Technique of Coloring

The essence of Venetian hair highlights involves coloring of selective hair strands. The shade of the hair is two or three tones lighter than the natural color. For this procedure several colors are mixed. It lets you achieve the more gentle transition of colors. Hair-dye isn’t laid on the hair at full length but about 5 cm lower from the hair roots.

Californian highlights are almost the same but are notable for the more abrupt transition.

The Advantages of Venetian Hair Highlights

The advantage of Venetian hair highlights over the other techniques is that it can be used by the girls who have very dark hair and who can hardly change the color without losing the health of the hair. Venetian highlights are sparing coloring of the hair without damaging them. This technique doesn’t change the natural hair color cardinally but just makes some changes and makes the look more gentle and subtle. There’re also no problems with the hair roots’ growth because all the transitions are seamless and due to this you don’t need retouch the hair constantly.

Nowadays Venetian Hair Highlights are one of the most popular coloring techniques. It’s no coincidence because the natural beauty and the natural hair color are in fashion.

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