Warming up in autumn: 10 great hot drink recipes

Warming up in autumn: 10 great hot drink recipes

In a rainy autumn evening there is such a great notion to bundle up in a lap blanket, turn on your favorite music and spend some time among the nearest and dearest. And hot drinks, which are easy to make at home, will help to shake off autumn blues and improve all the company’s mood. And today we are going to discuss this topical subject in details.


Autumn spicy gluhwein

Mediaeval Europe is considered to be the motherland of this popular cocktail. In those ancient times, red wine was warmed on fire and complemented with spicy herbs. At present days, gluhwein as become a traditional drink for Halloween and Christmas. This tradition of the Old World has spread all over the globe, and lots of people enjoy drinking this hot spicy drink in cold autumn evenings.

We would like to share with you an easy recipe of autumn gluhwein. There are interesting ways to make hot drinks in the basis of rum, but discharging the classical canon doesn’t influence the drink’s quality and taste.


• A bottle of red wine (11-12%).
• Black currant fruit drink – 150 ml.
• Five stars of anise (badian).
• Two cinnamon sticks.
• Five or seven peas of bayberry.
• One large orange and several slices for decoration.
• Pinch of ground nutmeg.
• Five flowers of dried cloves.
• Half a glass of brown sugar.

How to make a hot alcoholic drink:


• Wash an orange thoroughly and slice without peeling. Squeeze the juice into a large pot and throw the rest of the slices into it.
• Cover the fruit with sugar, add spices and pour the fruit drink.
• Put the mixture on the stove and wait until sugar is dissolved. After that, reduce the heat to the minimum.
• In several minutes pour the room temperature wine into the pot and simmer the drink on fire.

When cooking, taste the gluhwein and add sugar if you find the drink not sweet enough. Pour the ready drink into glasses and decorate with orange slices. You can treat your guests with tiny cookies or apple pie.

Spanish coffee

Quite often people bring hot drinks recipes from journeys. The cocktail we are suggesting to make this time is a beloved drink of European ski resorts frequenters.

• 20 ml of brandy.
• 10 ml coffee liquor.
• 150 ml freshly cooked coffee.
• Whipped cream of room temperature.

• Pour coffee liquor and brandy in Irish glass.
• Add hot coffee.
• Top it with whipped cream and cover with nutmeg.


Many below-described hot drinks recipes are of foreign origin as well. Nowadays, they are often made not only in cafes and restaurants, but also at home.


This famous cocktail of English seamen will help you to warm up this autumn. In the beginning of the 18th century all the Royal navy servicemen received it on a daily basis in order to avoid scorbute and flue. In modern times, not only rum, but whiskey, brandy or cognac is used to make grog as well. Quite often it is complemented with spices, citrus, honey, tea and coffee.

Amateurs and professionals are aware of various methods of making hot drinks. But we suggest making grog, following the recipe that is very close to the classical one. To cook it, we will need:

• 200 ml of dark or amber rum.
• 400 ml of boiled water.
• Two lemons.
• Four teaspoons of sugar.


• Cut the lemons in halves and squeeze the juice.
• Boil water, reduce the heat and bring in alcohol.
• Add lemon juice and sugar to the mixture.
• Mix the liquid with wooden turner for several minutes until sugar is completely dissolved.


Alcoholic content of home-made grog varies from 15 to 27%. Pour it into a thick glass or clay pottery (it will preserve warmth for a longer time) and drink through a straw. Often this drink is served together with fresh pastry, chocolate sweets, dry fruit and pancakes.

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