Wedding column dress: simple but with taste!

Wedding column dress: simple but with taste!

The dream of a beautiful wedding dress with a lush skirt and a very long plume lives in the soul of every little girl. Often, however, in reality, going to be married, the bride begins to look towards other styles and models. This is due to many reasons, including the most banal, for example, the finance economy.

Wedding column dress simple but with taste

In this case, a wedding column dress comes to the fore. The seemingly too modest, in fact, it will gain in any situation and allow a young girl look super fashionable and stylish on her own, albeit modest, but the wedding. This model has many advantages; as a consequence, do not delete it from the wedding wardrobe.

Classic is always in fashion!

What is the wedding column dress; how does it look? Is it fashion or is gone to the past forever? How this outfit looks, it is clear already from the name – it is dress of a strict cut, quite narrow, emphasizing the figure of a girl or woman. The first peak of its popularity came in 1930s and the second was in the 1960s.

Among fashionistas, flaunting in such outfits, were Coco Chanel, and standard of style Audrey Hepburn. They were chosen by the wives of the most famous presidents of the world, such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Obama’s wife, current president of the United States. It is clear that the outfits they had were not wedding, but for going out.

Wedding column dress is interesting and with taste!

Modern designers have introduced this style in wedding fashion, and then were surprised to find that it has found its fans among brides. Features of such dresses: no seam at the waist, sleeves and collar, knee-length.

The color palette of such wedding dresses is various, but within the range of pastel. Often ladies choose not white, but shades – champagne, milk, beige. This is due to the practicality, because the column dress can then be worn on different occasions.

Who should wear it?

There are certain categories of brides, who often pay attention to such outfits:

  1. Firstly, the ladies marrying for the second time. They understand that the finery with a plume has already been in their lives, but did not make family happy.
  2. Secondly, the wedding column dress will suit aged brides. Fluffy ruffles and frills make the bride funny, but a stylish and sleek outfit will present her in the best possible way.
  3. The third category of couples who prefer this style of dress is a youth, organizing a wedding celebration for their own small means. Gown is much cheaper than dresses with corsets and whale skirts decorated with kilometers of lace.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a gown it is necessary to focus primarily on the parameters of figure, selecting the optimum length, showing the beauty of the bride’s legs, her graceful hands and swan neck.

Wedding column dress will require certain accessories, pumps, bags, having a distinct form; ideally it should be a small clutch. This dress looks perfectly with a hat-tablet and a small veil; from jewelry it is better to use the natural pearl, necklace or bracelet with beads.

Column dress is a small and modest article of woman clothing, but it can play a key role in her life. Stylish and fashionable bride, who chose such dress, will always be in the spotlight!


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