Wedding dresses of 2016

Wedding dresses of 2016

Wedding dress is surely the main decoration of any bride, and, as a rule, beautiful ladies are trying to choose it with great trepidation. It’s important to dress not just to be beautiful, but also stylish, original, but to stress all the advantages of the bride.

Wedding dresses of 2016

What styles of wedding dresses will be fashionable in 2016? What models should you give preference?

Wedding fashion 2016: dresses for brides

Dress with long lace will be in trend in 2016. They can be used to create incredibly elegant image of the chaste bride.

Those unusual models, undoubtedly, will be preferred by women, who decide to make a wedding in a cold season. After all, such a pretty closed classical models with long or short sleeves will warm beauties much better than the usual open and daring outfits.

Lace dresses will be at the peak of popularity in 2016. And it’s not surprising, because these models seem to be really fabulous and sophisticated.

They can be quite strict and more daring. The lace can not only serve as the original decorations but to fully replace a tissue sometimes. Fully lace dresses will be perfect for brides with perfect forms.

Neckline also will return this season. Therefore, many designers have created a chic collection of wedding dresses with daring and revealing décolleté.

Deep V-neckline will visually make the silhouette more fit and slender. Therefore, we can say, that elegant and original dresses with open neckline will look great on any figure type.

Noble and aristocratic atlas excite and stir the imagination of many famous designers again. That’s why, a lot of famous fashion designers decorated their collections with gentle and flowing satin.

It’s important to note, that this year atlas will be popular not just with classic wedding dresses, but with more democratic and airy outfits for brides, that are made in Greek style. A major 2016 wedding trend will undoubtedly be a majestic and rich satin, with train and lace. The bride who choose this wedding dress, will look like a fairy princess, descended on Earth for a moment to get married with her lover.

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