Wedding gloves for a bride

Wedding gloves for a bride

The image of the bride there is no trifles, every detail must give the integrity and completeness to the ensemble. One of the important elements of the wedding dress of the bride is the gloves. For many years they have been unjustly forgotten, but the trend to open wedding dresses with corsets returned to fashion this refined and elegant accessory.

Wedding gloves for a bride

Today, the bride’s gloves have very versatile models, the choice of which depends on the season, the style of the wedding dress, as well as the taste of the bride herself.

Long Wedding Gloves for brides

One of the most recent models are long wedding gloves, which are much higher than the elbow line. They are especially important for a winter ceremony. Long gloves may have a different design.

Fairly simple model, made of stretch satin, without additional decorative elements, look very stylish and elegant. These gloves are the perfect ‘background’ for luxury bracelets. In addition, long models can have ‘fingers’, and may be in the form of a triangle and loops, which is fixed on the middle finger of the hand. Which one to choose – it’s the bride’s decision. Naturally, the models without ‘fingers”’ are more practical; but is it worth to think about in such a solemn day?

Wedding gloves of medium length

Models of medium length are the most popular category of gloves. Most of them have lace inserts located in different parts of the glove. Depending on the model, lace elements can either be graceful and delicate elastic lace or textured guipure with bulky tracery elements, supplemented with embroidery, sequins or beads.
Models with bows as decoration are equally elegant and romantic. Gloves with a small drop-cut at the top, which is complemented by a satin bow, look very stylish. In addition, the gloves may have several bows symmetrically located along the central portion.

Lace wedding gloves

One of the most popular models with brides is a very thin veil gloves, complemented by exquisite embroidery. Typically, the veil is not composed of elastic fibers, so the gloves are fixed by thin elastic bands at the top. Furthermore, in the area of wrist a number of tiny buttons may be located, providing glove fit. The surface of the veil can be embroidered with tiny buds of flowers, forming an intricate pattern. The decor of gloves is matching the luxurious texture; this should be small ruffles, bows of ribbons and tiny rosettes.

Short wedding gloves

All short models can be divided into two categories: lace mitts and full gloves made of mesh. Recently mitts acquired mini format and represent a wide strip of lace fabric, encircling the wrist.

Mitts, complemented by elegant braid, which is worn on the fingers, look equally stylish look.

Complete short gloves are very often done in retro style. They have a texture in the form of very fine mesh, which is necessarily complemented by lace ruffles and small embroidery in the central part.

The choice of wedding gloves for the bride is very large, so each girl can choose refined and stylish gloves, which will emphasize the elegance and romance of her image.

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