Wedding hairstyles of the autumn 2016

Wedding hairstyles of the autumn 2016

Beautiful bride’s hairstyle is one of the essential attributes of any wedding, which the girl has to take care in advance. And here, as in all the fashion trends, there are rules. Fashion shows of the world wedding houses in this season have already passed, so that together with the main fashion trends on the outfits, accessories, manicures and make-up, the most fashionable hairstyles of autumn 2016 are identified.


Wedding hairstyles of autumn 2016 for the long hair

While such wedding styling as romantic curls does not hand over its positions, in the autumn of 2016 the brides should be ready for completely new trends. In this season, along with the classic hairstyles the most popular are:

Braids and plaiting

For years, wedding hairstyles with braids are leaders, and the autumn of this year has become no exception. To be fashionable the bride can choose the hair with a braid in the Greek style, when the braid is woven around the head; loose, somewhat disheveled hair plaited braids are in the trend too. Neat, feminine tresses, which are in demand at all times, are not prohibited.



In autumn 2016 fashion wedding hairstyles are low or slicked back tail. This option is quite useful, as it allows keeping the hair fresh and natural during the entire wedding ceremony. For those who think this is too simple styling, it is suggested to complement and diversify it with plaiting, fresh flowers and other bright accessories. Low free tail is perfect for the classic wedding dress.


Sleek, low beam

Despite the new trends in the art of hairdressing, elegant classic image never goes out of fashion. Smooth beam with fleece is suitable for almost all girls, regardless of body type and facial shape, such hairstyle looks solemn and elegant. Diversify beam with interwoven braid or decorations in the form of flowers or beads.


Soft waves

Wedding hairstyle with soft waves gives the image of a bride a note of Hollywood glamor. This styling looks naturally and easily, and to make your eyes shine, the waves can be decorated with bright stones or hairpins.


Hairstyles with wreaths

This season, as in the previous, wedding styling with wreaths are popular, but this autumn wreath can have different shapes. The most current version is a neat little wreath made of green with the addition of small flowers. This type of decoration dilutes the hairstyle of the bride, without weighing it.


Flower garlands of fresh small roses are always relevant, because the flowers give the bride’s image tenderness and coquetry. It is worth noting that the wreath may not completely surround the bride’s head; a small bouquet of flowers can be inserted into the hair from any side. Hair under the wreath can be any, both a simple loose hair and styling with sophisticated curls look nice.

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