Wedding hat: fashionable and stylish

Wedding hat: fashionable and stylish

In France, in the 19th century there were “lady rule”, according to which, true lady wears a hat. Now came the other times and new trends. And also enthusiastic, but cautious attitude to the ladies’ hats is present. They require a more rigorous selection of items of clothes, appropriate footwear and accessories. Wedding is the event where the hat will be appropriate for the bride and for her charming girlfriends.

Wedding hat fashionable and stylish

Wedding hats: fashionable and extravagant

Of course, the hat as a headdress for bride today is much rarer than in the 1990s. Then it was chosen by many young women who go to the altar and want to stand out from the crowd of brides, whose heads were adorned by standard veil. True, the styles of hats look quite original, resembling the hats of the Musketeers of the famous film about D’Artagnan.
Today, most brides adhere to tradition, choosing a veil. But there are also bold among the fair sex, paying attention to the wedding hats. Fortunately, plenty of modern styles, colors and patterns provide the ability to choose what is right for each individual beauty.

Individual selection

Any dream is achievable, even dream about the wedding hat as headgear. However, it is important to bear in mind the unspoken rules of selection, defining moments will be:- A style and model;

– Color palette;
– Appropriate hairstyle and matching accessories;
– Features of the bride’s appearance.

Each of these points should be well thought out and worked out, it is desirable that the subject would complete the image of the bride rather than dictating terms.
How to choose a wedding hat?

First, the hat is selected depending on the general style, because it can help to create a romantic image of the bride, stylish, business women, socialite or seductress. In the style it should match the dress, in conjunction with the trouser suit this item of clothes look great too.

The second rule is associated with the choice of color palette. Stylists recommend selecting hat, matching the color of the dress. If the hat is different from it even for a tone, it will attract the attention of guests and the bride’s image in this case, is falling by the wayside.

Third, the wedding bride hat requires a certain hairstyle, smooth hair stacked on top and luxurious curls or elegant ponytail. The subject is preferred for long-haired ladies. Girls with short strands may select traditional veil, tiara or other types of head ornaments.

Wedding hats: fashion tips

The most important rule is the choice of the hat according to the type of face of a beauty and features of her appearance. Tall girls can choose an elegant model with huge pent; the tiny ladies will look ridiculous in these dresses.

A short, slender brides need to choose a hat with pent, not going beyond the shoulders. It is important to pick them in terms they should not be free to go back and forth. On the other hand, too close variant can lead to headaches and fainting.

A fashion accessory can be complemented by live or artificial flowers, veils, precious and semiprecious stones. The same types of jewelry must be present and in details of the dress, shoes or handbag of the bride.

As you can see, wedding hat – it is fashionable, original and beautiful. If you approach with the mind to its choice, the guests at the wedding will look at the bride with delight!

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