Wedding rings made of white gold

Wedding rings made of white gold

Wedding is a particularly important event in the life of couples. The greatest attention in its preparation should be given to the selection of the rings: if festive attire is worn for one day, the wedding rings are worn for life. Now there are a great variety of them; it can be difficult to make a choice with respect to style, price, material, presence or absence of decorative elements (stones, engraving). Recently, it became fashionable to purchase wedding rings made of white gold.

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Features of jewelry

Any gold articles are made of metal alloy. When the copper and zinc are added to the gold the traditional yellow item is obtained; when silver, palladium, nickel or platinum – the white one. This is the most neutral color of the metal better highlights the beauty and purity of the precious stones, especially diamonds.

Jewelry of white gold should be covered with rhodium for the brightness, however, over time due to the constant contact with water and chemicals, which are included in detergents and cleaning products, it fades. After a small time period you will need to apply it again. The price of white gold is considerably higher than on the yellow; it is due to the fact that silver, palladium and platinum are more expensive than copper and zinc.

Wedding rings of white gold are the guarantee of style and excellent taste. Of course, this is a bold decision, but such products are exquisite, fashionable and versatile. They look fresh and nontrivial on finger. They are especially suitable for those who wear silver jewelry: together they look harmoniously and do not create dissonance.

Tips for choosing a wedding ring made of white gold

1. Determine the price. It depends on the material of the product, cut, carat and the presence of stones.
2. Choose the size correct. Depending on whether it is hot or cold, initial finger size may vary. You should try it on at room temperature in the most tranquil surroundings.
3. When choosing a ring, do not chase the pretentiousness and showiness. This jewelry will be worn always, as a consequence, should be combined with all the clothes and styles at the moment, and after dozens of years.
4. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the product, its standard. It’s better to do a purchase on a large specialty store, where experienced sales consultants present all certificates, licenses and will offer assistance in the selection without problems.
5. The design of the rings in the pair may be different, but together they must look harmonious.
6. A wedding ring should not cling to and be too heavy.
7. Pick up rings taking the shape of the fingers into account. Those who have long fingers will look good with ornate slim rings and massive jewelry look better on larger fingers.

If disagreements occurred during the choosing of the rings, the options, half made of white and half of yellow gold, may become a good compromise. Such decoration looks interesting and new. Wedding rings are very unique and special jewelry. They must attract the eye and both of the couple should like them, so do not save time and money on their purchase.

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