Well-being and healthy sleep – what is the relationship?

Well-being and healthy sleep – what is the relationship?

A lot of us have no time to sleep well. Late falling asleep is actually a norm. Computer, TV… Drink tea or coffee in the morning feeling half asleep, and then the study, and the work. Finally, it’s only about six hours for sleep. On the one hand, it seems that this is sufficient for the normal functioning of the body. However, in reality a person doesn’t fall asleep immediately, but after 30-40 minutes, after we get in bed.

Bored businesswoman sleeping in a meeting

Bored businesswoman sleeping in a meeting

You will feel strong discomfort, weakness and drowsiness. This may be a consequence of lack of fatigue, when before the bed people have a lot of energy that interferes to sleep. It also causes bringing down our biological cycles, that people should sleep according to. To fall asleep at sunset and to wake up at dawn. However, no everyone can afford to fall asleep at 9 pm and awake at 5 am.

One of the major reasons affecting the duration of falling asleep is the quality of the bed. If desired a person can fall asleep under any circumstances. But if his sleeping place poses a serious inconvenience, it will be impossible to sleep. This process can take a long time – and hour or more. The concept of convenience includes necessary degree of rigidity, in which the bed can take the shape of the human body. Such requirements can be made by beds with orthopedic mattresses. The concept of “orthopedic” means the beneficial for your body. And when you consider that such bed can add about 12 hours of sleep each week, there is no doubt what to choose.

The sleep in modern life

Modern life puts its own priorities in human activities. Every day we are in hurry. We are afraid to be late for public transport and not to disrupt the business meeting. We want to do as much as we can in a day. In this cycle of affairs and concerns the importance of sleep fades into the background. It’s some kind of fashion to sleep a little but to look great. However, if the person has a little sleep, it causes serious stress to your body, that wear out functional resources.

Different age groups have different frames of sleep. They are divided conditionally in 3 groups:

• 6 to 24;
• 24 to 50;
• Older than 50.

In the first case, the sleep should last 8-9 hours, in the second – 6-7, and in the last – at least 4 hours. While doing sports you should add two more hours to your rest.

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