What irritates women in men?

What irritates women in men?

It has been written a lot about things which men don’t like in women. It’s time to come out into the open about facts that women find irritating in men. And the list of these factors is going to be no less impressive.


Sometimes, men can’t even imagine that their behavior causes negative emotions in their companions. For too long ladies had to hide and suppress such feelings – and not only when married, but at the dating stage as well. They were indoctrinated that representatives of the stronger sex are just big children and it’s necessary to treat their eccentricities leniently, to put up with their failures and ridiculous escapades in order not to lose a gallant and, probably, a future husband.

However, it’s impossible to forbid a person to feel, and today the society has to admit that a representative of the fair sex has the right to evaluate a gentleman and that she doesn’t have to turn the blind eye to all his traits of behavior. A contemporary woman no longer considers relations to be a value in itself; now, their quality has much higher value.

1. Self-doubt

It is the first in the list of things, irritating women in men. Ladies make no mistakes in feeling it and leave such candidates not a single chance. Psychologists claim that men’s self-doubt enters the back of their minds as early as in childhood. For example, if a man was growing in a family where a father wasn’t the household head. In this case, he lacks the behavior patterns. Such a problem in family often leads to inability of a young man to position himself as a man. Such a partner doesn’t like to make decisions, cannot behave correctly in certain situations and so on.

Moreover, he pays excessive attention to his companion, goes on asking ingratiating questions of she enjoys being with him, does he has a chance to deserve something more than just a friendship, tries to buy her attention with presents, calls, services, behaves obtrusively and sometimes even pursue her – such manners can only repulse the woman and cause her contempt. Surprisingly, but often this mistake is made not only by greenhorns, but by quite adult representatives on the stronger sex as well.

2. Meanness

For example, a man lacks money to organize a date properly, or he is pathologically saving, or offers his companion to share a café bill, or considers himself to be good enough not to try to produce an impression, or belongs to a marginal class of the system and common stereotypes fighters.

Such a date will be very short, embarrassing and unpleasant. It’s doubtful that a lady will prefer a mean person or give in to his courts. Subconsciously, she considers a gentleman’s generosity equal to his sexuality – of course, meaning a further family creating and the most expensive thing in the world: bringing up heirs. By no way is it demonstration of commercialism.

Many people remember the period in our society’s life when men population was obsessed with the idea of finding a disinterested wife, who is ready to set austerity records shoulder to shoulder with an unprosperous husband, starting from the first date and then, together with children. Luckily, those times are gone the score one for girls and the nature itself, which succeeded in in proving penny pinchers and vagabonds that the only fate they can have is spending nights alone.

3. Jealousy

Probably, in moderate amounts it can add a light spicy hint in relations. But if a man starts unhealthy spying upon his half’s telephone, her pages in social networks, friends, social life, work and entertainment – it’s high time to think if there is any trust in these relations. Wild jealousy scenes are impressive and safe only in romance novels.

No one can explain to a pathologically jealous man that he searches where nothing is hidden; moreover, is extremely unpleasant to explain anything, as it looks like you are being judged for a crime someone else has committed. And this poisons all the romance. As well as sex. Especially awful when children witness such scenes. In general, representatives of the stronger sex with overdeveloped sense of ownership are more prone to demonstrating jealousy.

They are the ones who like to control each and every sphere of their partner’s life, who, in turn, has to report for every minute she has spent outside the house. In this case, a woman should realize that such a behavior of her partner isn’t the evidence of his courage or strong character. Both men and women pathological jealousy is nothing but the demonstration of psychological problems, hidden deep inside their subconsciousness.

4. Importunity

There are few things which irritate a woman more than impudence! An attempt to get a sexual feeling from a woman from the very beginning looks consumptive. You see, he wants to be sure that a partner has nothing against the “complete plan”, he is influenced by testosterone…However, by letting her feelings ripen gradually, and a gallant can probably get more passionate and, what ’s more important, natural and sensual response to his attention. And testosterone, so to say, will get a lot of adrenaline from estrogen. Usually, a woman evaluates sexual appeal of a new acquaintance at once, but will hardly hurry to start intimal relations. Attempts to breake the course of events is against all the natural laws. Getting closer gradually – is an opportunity to create sexual tension between yourself and the chosen one to make further joy from closeness as strong as possible. But when a guy begs his new acquaintance for sex, be becomes like a child, asking his mom to give him ice cream instead of lunch. Priorities in the couple change immediately: sexual relation with this man – taboo! And if a man tries to get what he wants, using strength or alcohol – you should scamper such a guy at once!

5. «Sonny»

The situation when an adult man now and again consults his mother about his actions or runs to her at any time of the day after the first call, looks miserable to his partner. And what’s even worse, he can turn into his wife’s sonny. For example, keeps asking where a clean T-shirt is, despite knowing that T-shirts lie at one and the same shelf of wardrobe. Or moans to give a pill for this head-ache, in spite the fact that all he needs to do is to open a bed stand to get one. And moreover, he could do it himself four hours ago without waiting for his wife returning from a hairdresser’s. And at the same time she can hardly remember when he helped about the house last time – at least took out the garbage, feed the fish or boiled water. Sponging of an adult man, who is at the same time the permanent lover, empties a woman and makes her feelings for him fade away.

6. Double standards and demonstration of male chauvinism

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand where is the truth in the man’s world view, and why “a man has the right” to be free from morals any time, and “a woman has to be” an angel even when facing the apocalypse. And what about those vulgarisms towards the fair sex – for example, “a woman driver is like a monkey with a bomb”. Or separation of household chores between a man and a woman. Modern ladies have long ago learned how to drive nails or connect wires to telephone socket. So why cannot men learn to vacuum clean a carpet or change diapers for their long-awaited baby?


7. The exes

This makes women irritated in earnest! It’s quite easy to guess that your half still keeps the memories about his ex-girlfriend. This can be proved by such signs as constant talks about her or old photos, which he refuses to throw away or delete. Moreover, if he goes on comparing you to her or even asks to make friends with her, it’s too early to think about serious relations with this man.

If the precious relations have ended, isn’t it high time to send all the memories in the archive, in order not to bring them to a new life? And if the old fire is still burning, is it decent to give promises to a new partner and let her feelings run high, realizing that you are dishonest? Any references to the ex-partners, especially when they are emotionally tinged, and moreover any proves of continued relations women treat as betrayal and break the relations with the liar. And they are absolutely right, because his behavior is indecent and dishonest. One may build any theories about forgiveness, but here the theory doesn’t work, because one person starts a new story with a stone in bosom and the other against the will becomes the fifth wheel and the innocent sufferer.

8. Unhealthy love to a vehicle

For some men a car (motorcycle, scooter, etc.) is not a mean of transport, but a living creature, something rooting in their inherited memory about a horse. He can spend hours fixing his metal beloved, digging in its appliances, polishing, customizing, decorating with various trifles, and immediately rush to the street if the alarm goes off at night. Seeing all these, the woman starts to get irritated. The irritation bursts out and turns into hatred towards the “rival”, when the partner angrily scold her if she claps the door of his “precious carriage” too loudly when getting inside.

Phycologists advise not to start war with the car, which the man worships. A more reasonable behavior will be to make friends or even fall in love with it! The most winning option is to nourish and cherish his car. This will your way to demonstrate the man that you are also the part of his family and deserve as much love as his favorite car. If this is not the option for you, you should think it all over. Maybe this man is not for you?

9. Oblivion and lack of attention

Attention from the beloved man is the rightest way towards strong and lasting relations, full of mutual understanding and trust. If one of the partners feels the lack of attention, sooner or later these relations begin to show signs of strain. A woman appreciates when her beloved one remembers about trifles, connected with their relations, pays attention to the dates, notices her new accessories, clothes, hairdo, fragrance. Indeed, all these are done to please him! In turn, it makes her self-confident, confident in his feelings, his intention to make a family, etc. And if the sweetheart ignores these details, she starts accumulating disappointment, insult, doubts and bitterness in her soul.

And even worse, he may start put the relations on the back burner. But she is completely devoted to them! She won’t be assured and consoled by his affirmations that “he works 48 hours a day in order to provide us with everything”. She needs him, her one and only; now she needs him, but not this “anything”, which usually exists somewhere “later” and “someday”. And if her sun won’t make steps to correct its orbit, his star can hide behind the clouds for a long time or even change the galaxy.

10. Negative signed brutality

Men’s untidiness and neglect of hygiene irritates women so much that nips all the sexual impulses in the bud. Not fresh clothes and underwear, distasteful body scents, grease under the nails, stubble on the face, smell of alcohol, dirty shoes, antipathy to taking shower, and at last notorious socks, which not every lover cares to take off at the most intimate moment – all these turns off irrevocably. Usually, hardly any of these people can hope for the second date. Here one can add the lack of good manners: abusive words, unaesthetic behavior, vulgar pranks. It’s doubtful that all these things can increase brutality and, moreover, charm an interesting lady. But it’s the easiest way to look like a dropout.

Relationship is a subtle matter, it can easily be harmed by light-headed attitude. And men shouldn’t delude themselves with the visible wide choice of partners – as if they can break with a faultfinding woman and immediately find a more unpretentious one. Receding into the past the times when women didn’t get irritated and silently conformed to men’s extravagances and pretended that it was the norm. For a modern woman being unpretentious to the relations quality means not to love herself. Therefore, nowadays the representatives of the stronger sex have to behave more carefully.

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