What is Marital Fidelity?

What is Marital Fidelity?

Being faithful by refraining from sex with someone other than your partner is one way to show your marital fidelity, but there is more to creating a successful marriage than monogamy alone. By communicating and making the effort to ensure your partner’s happiness, you are one step closer to marital fidelity.

What is Marital Fidelity?

However, the foundation of building a lasting relationship begins with an understanding of the many aspects of marital fidelity.

Marital Fidelity Involves Trust

Marital fidelity involves a sense of trust in your spouse, and trust means having confidence that he or she will remain faithful to you. Marital fidelity implies that both you and your spouse are honest with each other because once trust is broken in a relationship it cannot be regained, say husband and wife marriage experts, Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, Ph.D. In their Self Growth blog, “How Important is Trust in Marriage,” Charles and Elizabeth explain that trust isn’t instantaneous in all marriages. Some couples take a few years to develop a sense of trust with each other. However, trust become height=”auto”s the glue that happy marriages thrive on, and a key component in marital fidelity.

Communication in Marital Fidelity

Communication is a lifelong venture in marital fidelity. The act of getting married and taking your vows says, “I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life.” That’s why it’s important for both of you to communicate your boundaries with each other. For example, “I would prefer it if you didn’t go out clubbing with your single friends; it gives the wrong impression that you’re single too, and I worry that your friends may be a bad influence on you.” When communicating, know what you need to say; write it down, if necessary. Next, share your thoughts and feelings clearly, says marriage and family therapist, Athena Staik in her Psych Central blog about conscious communication. Try to keep the message positive and upbeat, as well. For example, you might say, “If we both do our part in communicating our concerns to each other, we’ll maintain a happy and healthy relationship.”

Emotional Fidelity in Marriage

Emotional fidelity can be an ambiguous area for people as it pertains to marital fidelity. Emotional infidelity is a behavior that plants seeds of doubt in the relationship, and that fosters emotional intimacy with the possibility of sexual intimacy in the future with someone other than your partner, as described by clinical psychologist, Seth Meyers in Psychology Today. For example, if you fantasize being with someone else, your spouse may attribute that to emotional cheating even if nothing physical has happened because you are entertaining the idea, or possibility of it happening. Most couples will face temptations in their relationship at one time, or another. However, couples that love and respect each other will not risk losing the love, and marital fidelity they have with their spouse for a few moments of intimacy with someone else.

Common Marital Problems

Many of the common pitfalls in marriage have to do with infidelity and communication, but also, unresolved baggage from youth, unfulfilled expectations, resentment and intimacy says clinical social worker, Susan Brown on her “Save a Marriage” website blog. Brown suggests that most of these issues derive from your perceptions, which are merely projections of past experiences. To overcome these issues from a personal standpoint, you should look within at your own behavior and attitudes. Seek counseling to help sort out your internal issues. If you have a need that hasn’t been met, talk with your spouse to resolve the problem and to avoid feelings of resentment.

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