What is the 3D pen and why it’s needed?

What is the 3D pen and why it’s needed?

Currently, science is developing with incredible speed, and we don’t have time to monitor its development. The market is daily being updated with new releases, that no one knew anything about. 3D printers are becoming especially popular. One of the latest inventions of science is the pocket-sized analogue of 3D printer – the 3D pen.

What is the 3D pen and why it’s needed

The new on the market technology

The 3D pen is a device that will allow you to draw in space.

Conceptually it resembles a glue gun. It does not use ink, but plastic. Handle metal tip is heated to 240-270°C, and melted plastic is fed to the outside. It freezes momentarily, making it possible to draw not only flat, but also three-dimensional figures in space.

There are also cool 3D pens. Unlike usual, these pens are filled not with plastic but with photopolymer resin. Heating elements do not exist in such handles any, making them completely safe. The photopolymer hardens as fast as conventional plastic, under the influence of the ultraviolet light source that is built into the handle. Cold ink allows to apply patterns on the skin.


First, 3D-handle is an appliance, so the rules of exploitation with it are the same as with any line-operated instruments.
Second, the 3D pen has a hot metal tip, that easily causes burns. Therefore, you should never grab it with your hands, while working.

This is all dangerous factors of handle.

What can I create?

Opportunities of 3D pen are not limited. Rather, they are limited only by your imagination and talent. It is better to start working with the pen on the surface. Make any figures with complex texture. You can create a pendant or keychain. Literally, whatever.

Over time, you can move on to drawing in space. Go to the website of the manufacturer of the handle. Often there you can find various articles and stencils for drawing in space. For example, you can find a stencil of the Eiffel tower, airplane, glasses and more.

It’s interesting, that sometimes you can use 3D-handle at home instead of superglue. Melted plastic bonds any material very well.

The advantages and disadvantages of 3D-pen


• Light weight and small size. The approximate weight of this pen is 200 g. This allows you to carry a pen with you everywhere;
• Allows you to draw in hard-to-reach places;
• You can create any needed (or not) item such as a paperclip, pen pot, glasses or phone case;
• The price of the pen is lower than the price of the printer. The average price is 99$ on the sites of different manufacturers. For comparison: the printer costs about 2099$.


• Unlike a 3D printer, the pen can’t create an exact copy of the programmed model. It all depends on frankness of hands and diligent training;
• You can get burned, not being careful.

The results

3D pen is pretty interesting and exciting device that will embody all the creative imagination into reality. It can also be useful in everyday life, but it’s not its main purpose. What is the point to use a magic tool, that can create pendants, earrings, rings, glasses, figurines and many other things, as a glue?

The pen is a great gift for anyone. You can give children a 3D pen that uses photopolymers. But even it has no heating elements, do not leave children unattended.

Plastic for pens is relatively cheap: 500 g cost about 1000 rub. This is enough to draw glasses for yourself, your family, friends and colleagues.

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