What is the best to wear with the blue trousers?

What is the best to wear with the blue trousers?

Blue trousers in the woman’s wardrobe aren’t only the part of the fashion, but also the universal thing, that she can easy match with the different colors and fashion items. Blue trousers are the colorful and unusual thing, but also understated and classical. Depend of the adopted style you can wear them on work or for a walk with friends. The color of trousers is also important. Depend of the brightness and intension of the shade they come under the style for the office and for the parties.


For the office

To choose trousers for the work you should think about the shade of the blue color. The best variants are dark-blue or intensive blue colors that won’t be too bright and violent. The blue color fit the best for the classical style, it looks distantly and unusual in the same time. What about the fashion, it will be the best to choose straight leg or narrow-leg trousers for the office style.

To choose the closes for the work you can match blouse of the tender colors: pink, mint, light-blue, peachy etc. They will also look nice with the white or beige shade.

Blue trousers can be matched with the white blouse and black or gray short jerkin. What about the shoes? The best variants are the black court shoes on the hight heel, sandals or black ankle shoes.

For the summer the shortened pants of the light blue colors will be the best choice. For the cold weather it will be better to choose dark blue colors style.

If you want your style won’t be bored you can ring the changes. For example, with the blue trousers the light or bright blouse with the print (ornament, dot or stripes). Don’t use a lot of colorful items, it can poison your fashion.

For the party

Return for the theme of colors. The blue color matches very good with almost the all colors and look very nice. If you want to be in the limelight on the event and be fashioned, wear the blue trousers with something colorful on the top (yellow, orange, white or other color). To make the narrow-leg trousers elegant use the colorful and wizard accessories. These can be clutch with the diamond-cut steel heads, short black or white lather jacket with the rivets or diamond-cut steel heads, colorful shoes with the same shade as the blouse or neckpiece.

For the party style it will be relevant the T-shirts with abstractive or geometric prints, wizard insertion or others unusual decorations.

Blue trousers with the white tube top, short beige jacket and natural skin tone shoes with the high heel. This fashion will look elegant and refresh.

For the walking

Straight leg or narrow-leg trousers will match with the T-shirts, polo-neck, shirts, tube top, jackets and cardigans. The most important thing in this case they must be comfortable. The imagination can run riot as the blue color matches almost with all others. You should wear the shoes with the wide heel or platform-sole. The best variants are beige shoes, black sandals or boots with the middle heel. The color of the shoes of course must be in harmony with the top. But the beige shoes with the high heel will make you legs to look more neat and lanky.

The blue trousers in your wardrobe are very comfortable and universal thing for all occasions. Make some your styles and you will feel self-confidently in blue trousers on work or on the walk. The right accessories will turn the usual thing

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