What it’s worth to go to Italy for?

What it’s worth to go to Italy for?

Italy is a country with a huge number of attractions. The monuments inherited from the Renaissance, ancient ruins… Every street in Italy remembers the mad titans of their craft: Raphael, Titian, da Vinci, Dante, Boccaccio and others.

What it’s worth to go to Italy for

Connoisseurs of treasures, think! The arms of Italy are waiting for you… Rome is the best heritage of the country. The Vatican, heart of the city, is controlled by the Pope. Julius Caesar ruled during the Renaissance. The most noteworthy work is the Pantheon. The temple, which was built before AD. You will see even the tomb of the Raphael.

St. Peter Church is on earth of the Vatican. It’s one of the biggest Christianity churches throughout the world. The core of the building is the altar. It’s considered as the beginning of the passage to the tomb of the Apostle Peter. It sounds fabulously, but the archeologists proved that remains buried there are really belongs to Apostle.

Venice – is the epitome of romance and eternal love, the city that grew up around the water element. There are gondolas and boats instead of cars, and they can take you on a water ways of the city.

A system of different channels connected with a huge number of hiking road on them. Vacationers and habitants used it to get on the huge St. Marks’s square.

But if you are, dear traveler, a fashionista, then it’s the direct road to Milan for you. This city is known all over the world as the capital of fashion, style and business. It hosts various entertainment programs and exhibitions. La Scala Opera, which is known all over the world, kept the mood of the lyrical art of 1778. The Duomo Cathedral with a capacity of 15 thousand people, varies by the indescribable decoration of the facades of white kandola marble and is located in the heart of Milan.

Speaking about resorts of Italy, Florence is the best of them. It’s endowed with the culture and the most expensive holiday, that not everyone can afford. Expensive boutiques, the most famous architectural and historical monuments. The Val Gardena will meet you with a big amount of snow, ski sports and warm evening with mulled wine. As it’s considered to be a second mountain resort of Eldorado, all people of Russia already fell in love with it. If you visit Val Garden in the Christmas, the fairy tale is provided. The same belongs to Valdidentro resort. Visit Pompeii, a

UNESCO world treasure, and Naples, that is the third largest city in Italy.

Magic and bright Italy will always be waiting for her travelers.

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