What to choose: Ultrabook or laptop?

What to choose: Ultrabook or laptop?

With the advent of ultrabooks and laptops on the world market, many potential buyers can’t decide, what to choose – ultrabooks or laptops?


If you take into account the ease and weight of the models, ultrabooks wins in this case. It has the weight less than 2 kg and a thickness in the range of 0.8-2 cm! Such economy has some disadvantages: they don’t have an optical drive and a mechanical hard drive. Information is being stored in solid state hard drives (SSD). It’s a perfect choice both for high speed of OS and low power consumption. The best versions of ultrabooks are equipped with low-voltage Intel processors from i3 to i7, and able to work up to 8-10 hours! Sometimes professionals, who are engaged in professional repair of computer equipment specifically, are buying ultrabooks for all-day work with the troubled electronics. Only because of that fact – ultrabooks are able to run for a long time.

But ultrabooks with a powerful and low-voltage CPU, is nor heated. But if you are going to work for a long time, it’s recommended to but USB fan, designed for these gadgets.

The last versions of the line Pro ultrabooks have a touchscreen display, they can use stylus (an electronic pen) with for entering and erasing information. You can even remove the screen off the main body and ultrabook will turn into a full-fledged tablet, that you can take on the road.

Of course, there are some disadvantages: improved price (often starting from $2000!); the lack of the ports (you should buy additional adapters) and optical drive. In the latter case you need to install OS from a flash drive. This requires special knowledge.

Sometimes disadvantages are outweigh and the user buys the classical laptop. It’s cheap, has a stylish, beautiful appearance, high-capacity HDD, and the ability to work in offline mode up to 7 hours. However, the last parameter is relevant while using lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries with at least 6-9 cells. And the cells should be produced in Japan or Korea. Buying the equipment from China isn’t always appropriate, since offline mode will be enough only to watch on HD film.

Laptops, due to their thickness have rich output interface, and you can use it for connecting large TV via the HMDI or flash drives with the speed up to 30 MB/s!
But the main advantage of the traditional laptops is in their optical drives, which user can use to “erase” old OS and install a new one. Everything will be free and fast.

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