What to eat in order not to be ill in autumn? Boost your immunity

What to eat in order not to be ill in autumn? Boost your immunity

Autumn is a difficult time for the human body. It is attacked by many respiratory viruses and bacteria that cause colds. They weaken the body’s defenses, leading to prolonged poor health. So, how not to get sick in the autumn? What to do to improve immune health? Immediately it should be noted that there is no such tool, which would protect against all diseases overnight. Man’s task is to competently adjust the body to fight infectious agents. However, even if the disease occurs, the body’s defenses will be prepared and quickly cope with illness.

What to eat in order not to be ill in autumn? Boost your immunity

What is immunity?

Immunity is the property of a well-functioning the body to eliminate harmful factors that affect a person’s life. It comes into operation at the time when people are attacked by a variety of microbes. Any sneezing or coughing in public places, especially in areas, contributes to the spread of micro-organisms from the air.

However, not all who have been adversely affected by, get ill. The disease affects only those who have a weak immune system.

The immune system works throughout a person’s life. But in different periods, its strength varies. Particularly the protective forces are affected when the person is attacked by a large number of different microbes. This usually happens in the autumn. That is why it is important to strengthen the immune system during this time.

How to eat better?

The ordinary food, which should be eaten more often in the autumn, helps to boost the immunity. It is best to improve the immune system with not huge concentration of vitamin C in food. This makes any milk product which contains a sufficient amount of bifidobacteria.

How does it work? In fact, everything is very simple. Improving digestion, the person enhances removing of the toxins from the body. This dramatically enhances all stages of immune defense. Products having similar properties are in every grocery store. They include:

• kefir;
• thermostat yogurt;
• sour cream;
• bifidok.

Of course, you need to use only fresh products. Those with the ending expiration date have low level of required beneficial bacteria, and hence there will not be the effect of such food.


Autumn is a difficult time for the body. Holidays have finished, regular working routine is time-consuming, and most importantly, they impair the protein balance in the human body. This means that you cannot do without an easily digestible animal protein. In addition to revenue of essential amino acids, such products will bring the desired iron, which increases the level of hemoglobin. Such food, boosting the immunity, is presented by meat dishes. These include:

• beef;
• pork or beef tongue;
• liver;
• lamb.

These products are not suitable for the adherents of vegetarianism, as well as persons suffering from gout.

Are fruit and vegetables needed?

No month of the year should do without the full set of vegetable and fruit dishes. But how to use them to boost immunity in the fall? The answer is simple – you need to eat more vegetables and fruits that contain an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals. These include:

• potatoes;
• oranges;
• apples;
• carrot;
• briar.

Start with a simple potato. It is a storehouse of vitamin C, as well as the indispensable element potassium, which strengthens the heart, and thus improves the blood circulation in the body. Stable operation of the cardiovascular system, along with a high dose of vitamin C, significantly strengthens the immune system. The product is not suitable for those who keep the low-calorie diet.

Oranges and apples are the ‘gold standard’ of fruit. They contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, which, thanks to easy digestibility, quickly will help to strengthen the body’s defenses. The apples are best consumed with peel, as it contains a small amount of iron. It will help in the fight against autumn deficiency of this substance. In addition to vitamins and minerals, fruits contain fiber, which helps digestion. Oranges will not help those who are allergic to citrus.


Carrots contain valuable fiber for digestion, as well as a large set of vitamins, which include pro-vitamin A, which strengthens the skin. It stimulates the production of active compounds that enhance the body’s immune defenses. Carrots are most useful if consumed raw, especially in grated form, with a small fraction of any oil.

Briar is useful in terms of fortified drink. It is brewed as a tea, and drunk up to a liter per day. This will give the body a large dose of vitamin C, which greatly stimulates the development of immunity. In general, drinking is particularly relevant topic in the fall. It is hot in most of the regions, so one does not want to drink a lot of liquid.

But this is the wrong position. You need to drink a lot anyway. This helps to dilute the blood, which significantly accelerates the maturation of the cells responsible for the immune system.

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